12 Ingredients To Make The Landing Pages Customer-Friendly

According to Market Sharpa stats, 68% B2B businesses make effective use of landing pages to win over new leads and conversions.

There is no doubt that appealing landing pages help in

  • Lifting conversions
  • Delivering more leads
  • Driving more sales
  • Returning best ROI

Standing strong against the competition needs a cutting edge landing page. Creating such a page doesn’t just involve artistic expressions, but utilizing the science of human psychology. Integrating customers’ expectations into the landing page design is crucial to make it influential.

Although creating an effective landing page doesn’t have any specific manual, still there are many key elements needed to make landing pages successful. Few are mentioned below!

1. Make Headline Catchy

When a visitor lands at a page, headlines help creating interest and understanding. Headline of the landing page should be

  • Compelling to grab the visitors’ attention.
  • Convey the real business message.
  • Supplement the product or service image displayed at the landing page.
  • Short, with a maximum length of 10 words.

2. Make Sub headlines Convincing

A visitor may get attracted by the headline, but get convinced by the sub headline if it’s made persuasive. A sub headline could be made persuasive if

  • Used directly under the main headline.
  • Expand the concept of main headline.
  • It’s more descriptive than the main headline.

3. Images Speaks Louder Than Words

Science reveals that images are processed by human brain 60,000 times faster than text form of content. A landing page can be made appealing with images. If you e-store is based on Magento platform then Magento image gallery extension can help in adding beauty to the landing page by allowing you to show image galleries in attractive way. The images should be

  • Large to grab visitors’ attention
  • Have clear relevance with the products or services offered
  • A big NO for stock photos; use high quality images at the landing page

4. Make Landing Page Self Explanatory

If a landing page doesn’t describe the details about the products or services offered by a business, it can’t appeal the customers. Straightforward explanations are best to make the landing page effective. Consider the following points while adding details to the landing page.

  • Integrate the product or service explanation with the page headline or you can keep that separate. Other page elements like sub headlines and images should also be integrated with the explanation given.
  • The explanation given at the landing page should benefit the user in knowing the product or service.

5. Mention Benefits Of Products Or Services

Benefits mentioned at the landing page may cover the services, features, or strengths against the competitors. By value proposition, you are going to tell users why they should prefer your site. You can add value proposition the following ways:

  • The explanation segment can be broken down into various elements.
  • Give a list of benefits in bullets or with little detail.
  • Focus users, not the company while mentioning benefits.
  • Keep the landing page flow logical.

Just like the actual content presented on the landing page, there should be a logical flow in the page. After going through the logical flow of content, serious buyers will surely think about the buying decision. What is the logical flow of the landing page? Here you go!

  • At first, give some explanation.
  • Mentioned benefits.
  • Give customers’ reviews.
  • Give call to action statements.
  • Your web design should support distinguishing sections.

The landing page elements should be persuasive throughout the web page, instead of limiting them to a single section.

Let it go lengthy as long landing pages are effective in creating the desired response. Long pages need proper structure, which isn’t necessary for short landing pages.

6. Be Wise In Dealing With Customers’ Pain

Whatever you are dealing in, your product or service will help customers in alleviating some pain. Let the users realize how much they are suffering and then give solution by mentioning your product or service. Tell them how you can bring ease to their life. Don’t be positive throughout the content; instead mention negative comments of the customers as well in the testimonials section.

7. Share Pleasure About Product

Being human means we have a natural tendency to seek pleasure. Consider the following points.

  • Mention how buying a product will give pleasure to the customers. Other than relieving pain from customers’ life, you are adding pleasure, tell that clearly.
  • Consider the emotional as well as psychological pleasure of the customers.
  • Mention how your product or service meets the emotional needs of the customers. Everyone wants to be loved, appreciated, and recognized, so what aspect of emotional craving you are going to satisfy, think about that.

8. Build Trust With Real Testimonials

Online customers always want to see the trust factor while making the purchasing decision. Good testimonials from real customers can help building trust. While adding testimonials, do consider the following points:

  • Get testimonials from real customers, celebrities, and industry experts.
  • Give pictures of real customers along with testimonials. It will be a strong point to build trust.
  • Real testimonials are supported by real data, facts, and real figures.

9. Give Legitimate Contact Information

While giving contact details, mention

  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Contact form
  • A popup for instant talk to customer care representative

At the landing page, assure the customers that you are a real company and for that, real address and live chat are the essential ingredients.

10. Provide Guarantees

Online customers love to have guarantees of the products they buy. Guarantee seals assure people that they are at safe landing page. Guarantees can be in any form, depending on the business type you are engaged in. It could be money back guarantee or no spam guarantee. Place the guarantee statement close to call to action statement.

11. Influencing Call To Action Statements

A landing page is weak unless there are strong and convincing CTAs. Call to actions should be

  • Prominent, having bigger font.
  • Compelling to convince the customers.
  • Placed in a button.
  • Made attractive with contrasting colors, so as to stand out from rest of the content.

12. Attach Relevant Documents in Product Pages

Serious customers will surely want to see your privacy policy, terms and conditions and other necessary documents related to that particular product. Give that as a downloadable file attachment at your landing page. A simple Magento product attachments extension can help doing that with ease, provided that you are running an online store based in Magento platform.

A landing page is the place of sales for any web-based business. Customers come to the page; they buy, and help a business in earning revenue. Don’t dare to ignore that. Make the landing page appealing and do A/B testing before making that live. Creating an influential landing page isn’t just a onetime process; it needs improvement over the time. Consider the above mentioned points while creating your landing pages and see how impressive would be the outcomes. Share your own thoughts about the topic in the comments below!

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