Top 5 Infographics on Abandoned Cart Recovery

An online store depends on the continuous conversion of users into customers. The moment the conversion declines, the shops stops achieving a revenue goal. There are various factors that need to be considered for reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions. The common factors include the inability to keep the customers engaged through interactive content and design, consumer feedback, compulsory registration, etc.

For powerful abandoned cart recovery, the merchants are required to thoroughly understand different design and user experience options that may distract the visitors and prevent them from finishing an order. Here are some of the useful infographics to help you know the factors to reduce cart abandonment.

Tools to Reduce Cart Abandonment 

1. WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (WooCommerce)

2.  Opencart Abandonment Cart Module (Opencart)

  1. Understand the top reasons of users leaving your site

This infographic highlight some of the valuable statistics that may prove a hindrance for your business in achieving a sales target. it states that every 3 users out of 5 leave the cart because of high pricing. It includes product price, add-ons, customization fee, and shipping charges. If either of the element is prices above the market trends, the visitor may turn down the offer and move to another store.


  1. Insights about Cart abandonment

Here is a very informational post that discusses cart abandonment about three major industries that are travel, fashion, and retail. The statistics show an average rate of customers leaving an eCommerce website, whereas detail statistics shows different user behavior in turning down a purchase. Get to know the peak hours when the cart abandonment is higher.


  1. Boosting Conversions and sales

Statistics about UK retail store is jotted down in this fancy infographic. The online sellers and merchants who aim to target worthy audience of the United Kingdom need to know how much of the online buyers proceed to checkout. It also showcases the common reasons that but a barrier in converting users into buyers. The top reason is the lack of human interaction with the potential buyer. And, it finally ends with quick fixes to boost conversions of your store.


  1. Tips to avoid cart abandonment

It is one of the informational posts that breaks down the checkout page into different sections and let you know improve conversions by adding different options. It brilliantly showcases valuable components of a checkout page and allows users to swiftly checkout for the products or services. It is followed by a quick guide to reducing shopping cart abandonment.


  1. Guide to recover cart abandonments

If you are struggling to know the different reasons that result in a decline conversion rate, then this infographic can help you a lot. it is going to unveil some of the valuable statistics to know the percentage of people who are likely to rethink their purchase decisions rather than visiting your store and check out the same day.

These statistics report that 99% people are not interested in making purchases on their first visit. They review your products, get it compared with others, and return back to get the deal.  Read through the infographic and you will know details about how to reach and capture the users with incomplete orders, and convert them into loyal customers.



Abandoned cart recovery is a continuous process of getting in touched with your potential customers. it is not only about tweaking the design, structure, and content of your website, but professional reminders for the incomplete transactions. The above infographics are selected to help you reduce the cart abandonments and help your users complete the orders without distraction.


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