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Magento Shop by brands extension allows you to create and display brands on a separate landing page, whereas each manufacturer has its page as well. Users can easily search and browse products with the help of intuitive design. The brands landing page displays featured brands slider, brands by category, alphabetical listing, and manufacturers search. These options are also displayed on the right navigation of individual brands page. All these options are configurable with many other features on the backend. Click on Demo to view all the features.

  • Display featured brands in a slider
  • Separate page for each brand with all options
  • Layered navigation, alphabetical listing and all filters
  • Import/Export to CSV, Fully customizable brands

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Created 10 Apr 2014
Compatible 1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9

Brand reflects pride, visibility, credibility and retention. Shop by Manufacturers Magento module serves your brand conscious customers in a way they would ever wish. Plenty of useful functionality is added to Magento brand page module to let your customers browse and shop by brand easily. This plugin creates separate landing page for manufactures whereas each brand gets its own page for its product listing.

Key Features of Shop by Brand Magento Extension:

Featured Brands Slider

A beautiful slider to display featured manufacturers is shown on the landing page.

All Manufacturers Page

A separate page for all manufacturers is created that has following features:

  • Featured brands slider
  • Display brands by category and by alphabets
  • Brands search
  • Brands filters such as ‘Most products’, ‘New updates’, and ‘Most subscribers’.

Layered Navigation

All the features of landing page are shown on the right navigation on individual brands page such as search, sign up for new products etc. You can display brands in a list view or drop down on right navigation.

Brands Manager

All manufacturers are shown in a grid view on the backend. When creating a new brand you can configure following settings:

  • Name and URL
  • Page title for manufacturers page
  • Upload image
  • Mark it featured
  • Select the website view
  • Add description and meta information
  • Add contact details
  • Attach products
  • Export all brands to CSV file

Configuration Features of Magento Brand extension

Admin can configure following settings:

  • Add manufacturer code and frontend router information for all brands page.
  • Limit number of brands per page
  • Enable featured brands block
  • Enable brand logos
  • Enable signup box on brand view page
  • Enable search box
  • Select the featured slider type, sort and order options
  • Configure SEO and email settings.

Magento 1.9 Shop By Manufacturer Features

  • Responsive
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

How it Works

Magento Shop by brands extension by FME is very easy to setup and use, all the frontend elements are easily configurable from the backend. Lets start quickly with the configuration first.

Configurations of Shop by Manufacturer Magento Plugin:

General Settings:

This section allows you to configure following settings:

  • Enable/disable this module
  • Enter the manufacturers attribute code
  • Enter frontend router information
  • Limit brands per page

Optional Settings of Magento Shop by Manufacturer

In this section you can configure following settings:

  • Enable featured brands slider on the landing page
  • Enable brands logo
  • Enable signup box on the brands view page
  • Display search box on brands view page

Right Navigation Settings

Right navigation options appear only on individual brands page. Each brand has its own landing page, you can configure following options:

  • Select the slider type for brands display on right navigation such as drop down or list view.
  • Configure sort and order by options

SEO & Email Settings of Magento Shop by ManufacturerKey features:

  • Configure URL suffix and email template in this section.
  • Now let’s add brands and configure different properties.
  • Brands Manager Grid

    You can view all the added brands in this grid as well as export them to a CSV file. In order to add a new brand and attach products to it, click on add brand button on the top right and configure following settings.

    Configure General Information

    You can add general information for a brand such as below:

    • Add brand name, title of its page and URL parameter
    • Upload brand logo
    • Mark any brand as featured
    • Select the website view
    • Enter description and meta information for brands page.

    Contact Details

    You can also add contact details of a brand, which can be following:

    • Website name
    • Contact name
    • Phone and address
    • Select Product

    In this tab, you can associate products with a brand. And that is all what you need to make this extension work.

    If you face any problem, please contact us on our helpdesk support system.

Product Faqs

  • Is there a limit to the number of brands or the number of products which can be be used on my magento installation? I really don't want to get it installed and then pay again!

    There is not limit to the number of brands or products for this extension or for that matter any of our other extensions.
  • Does your extension support / display brand / manufacturer link with logo on product pages?

    Shop By Manufacturer allows you to enable or disable logo/link on the product page from Backend
  • I want to show brands in a mega menu listed alphabetically. Is that possible with your extension ?

    It is possible with our extension. Just touch base with our support and they can assist you on how to achieve this functionality for your webstore

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Reviews & Ratings

  • "

    Thanks guys - that worked.

    Thanks guys - that worked.


  • "

    Great front end design

    I liked its default front layout and extra features it offers. You guys have saved my time as I might have to customize layout on my own.

  • "

    After minor tweaking works great for me

    The extension works fine, quick response from support team. I prefer extensions where I don’t even need to ping the support team. :-)

    T. Northbr
  • "

    Brands Attributes is a Blessing

    Used the brands attribute to fetch the brands and created the rest through the user friendly form. I do have a recomendation .. How about allowing a feature to import brands through a CSV

  • "

    good work boys

    Good addition to your portfolio. Hope to see some more modules from you guys soon.


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