Geo-Ip Default Language Currency (1.0)

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No matter wherever your website visitors are coming from, OpenCart currency module will detect their location and will show content and currency in their regional language. Personalize the web experience for your visitors and grab more customers. Users can manually switch to other language and currency settings. Click on DEMO to view all the great features.

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Created 23 Jan 2015
Compatible 1.5.*

GeoIP language and currency switcher extension for OpenCart allows you to personalize language and currency for your website visitors. Make them feel homely when they visit your website by displaying content and prices in their regional language. This OpenCart currency module will display a popup to incoming visitors at the bottom of webpage showing the language and currency settings. Customers can ignore it or continue with these settings.

Customers can manually switch to any other regional settings by clicking on language and currency switcher at the bottom. This OpenCart auto Currency Switcher plugin uses MAXMIND country IP database, which allows you to personalize settings for each region easily. You can categorize regions in different groups and configure settings such as group content, currency, enable prompt, and more. This OpenCart auto currency detect plugin helps you grab more customers by adding language and currency flexibility.

Key Features of OpenCart Currency Module:

  • VQMOD supported there will be no file overwrite
  • Automatically sets correct language and currency based on the visitor IP
  • Customers can manually change language and currency
  • Create language and currency switcher rules and set valid time period
  • Assign multiple rules and prioritize them
  • Enable links in header
  • Uses Maxmind database
  • Show custom text to visitors
  • Multi language support
  • Multi Store support
  • IP Exception Area, these IP addresses will be ignored
  • MaxMind Database import Feature

How it Works

Click on GEOIP language and currency, you will need to import GEOIP tables first, click on this button and just follow the instructions.

You will then need to create groups and configure following settings:

  •  Enter group name, prompt text and content
  • Set priority
  • Configure language and currency that you want to assign to this group
  • Add IP Exceptions, These Ips will be ignored during redirect! You can provide ips with comma(,) separated.
  • Select the store in which these settings will be applied
  • Set start and end dates
  • Enable prompt
  • Hide language and currency prompt in the header
  • Select the countries to add to this group.

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    Works perfect

    A smart extension.. and a smart move to increase sales and grab more customers.
    It's better to have such extension on website.


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