Geo-Ip Default Store (1.0)

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This OpenCart Multi Store Selector module redirects your visitors to pre-configured stores based on their location. You can configure different stores for different regions and redirect customers appropriately. Your customers can manually select stores. Click on demo to view all features.

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Created 23 Jan 2015
Compatible 1.5.*

GEOIP Default store extension for OpenCart allows you to redirect your customers to appropriate stores based on their IP addresses. You can create different stores for different regions and configure regional settings accordingly. In this way, you can perfectly manage your internationalized website. This OpenCart Default Store Switcher module will detect the location of customers, and will redirect visitors to pre-configured stores.

You can create rules to manage store switching. The benefit of these rules is that you can configure start and end dates, which will terminate the effect of conditions specified in these rules after a certain time. You can disable auto store redirection in which case customers will be able to select the store manually.

Key Features of OpenCart Multi Store Redirect Extension:

  • Automatically redirect customers to pre-configured stores based on their location
  • Enable customers to manually select desired store
  • You custom rules to manage redirection
  • Show custom text to visitors
  • Prioritize rules, configure start and end dates
  • Supports IP Exceptions, These IPs will be ignored during redirect! You can provide ips with comma(,) separated.
  • Enable auto-redirection
  • Block country by using MAXMIND database

How it Works

Once this OpenCart Default store view extension is installed, you will need to import GEO IP database. Click on import GEO IP tables and follow the instructions. Next, create rules to manage redirection, and follow below guidelines:

  • Enter rule name, prompt text and content
  • Set priority
  • Add IP Exceptions, These IPs will be ignored during redirect! You can provide IPs with comma(,) separated.
  • Select the store in which these settings will be applied
  • Set start and end dates
  • Enable/disable auto redirect
  • Select the countries to add to this rule.

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    thanks for a great extension

    It meets our needs perfectly
    now it's easier and more convenient to manage multi-store.

    and thanks for the quick support.


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