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OpenCart product questions module allows you to display FAQs on product pages. FAQs are shown in an Accordion style, with rating and threaded view. Customers can ask questions on a product page, whereas, admin can moderate and reply to all inquiries from a centralized place. Please check Demo for more information.

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Created 03 Sep 2014
Compatible 1.5.*

Make life easy for your customers by displaying frequently asked questions right on a product page. Your customers will not have to jump through hoops to do business with you. This FAQ OpenCart module allows you to display questions and answers in a manner that customers can easily find information they are looking for. This helps make their buying decision easier.
Product questions are displayed at the bottom on a product page. FAQs are shown in an Accordion style, with rating and threaded views. Customers can post inquiries right on a product page instead of moving back and forth on your FAQ and contact pages. Email alerts are sent to admin and customers. Ask a question form slides down as soon as a customer clicks on this button. A captcha prevents from spamming.
All customers’ inquires are managed centrally on the backend, from where admin can moderate and reply to the questions accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Ask a question form on frontend
  • FAQs displayed on a product page
  • FAQ Ratings
  • FAQ Accordion
  • FAQs shown in a threaded view
  • Admin can moderate FAQs and comments
  • Email notifications for admin and clients
  • WYSIWYG editor to add valuable information
  • Set sort order/position
  • Easily add questions from backend
  • Reply to customers inquires from backend
  • Easily track custom inquiries and responses
  • Set title for FAQ page
  • Limit no. of questions to be shown on FAQ page
  • Multi store
  • Make FAQs public or private

For help, please visit step by step section.

How it Works

Manage Configuration

In this section, you can add FAQs and configure following settings:

Key Features:

  • Add question and answers with the help of WYSIWYG editor
  • Select appropriate store
  • Make FAQ public or private
  • Set sort order of FAQ
  • Attach FAQs with required products
  • Enable customer notifications
  • Reply to customer questions


  • Set page title
  • Limit max. number of questions to display on FAQ page
  • Enable accordion and FAQ rating
  • Enable approval for FAQs
  • Enable ask a question form
  • Enable captcha
  • Configure sender email
  • Enable notifications for moderator, configure email ID and subject
  • Configure client email subject

For more information, please contact our support.


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Reviews & Ratings

  • "

    Works fine

    Sort all my product related faqs in a nice accordion style right on the product page.
    It's great to see product relevant content right on the product page. Thanks :)

  • "

    A great qa extension

    Really helpful and easy to use especially when you are having hundreds of products. Now managing customers queries is very easy and most of the product pages are now landing pages, full of relevant content and dozens of questions /answers, suggestions and opinions. Highly recommended.


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