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Welcome to FME Addons, a hub where passionate innovators and tech enthusiasts blend their minds to build transformative solutions for your business.


Transforming Online Businesses with Innovation and Trust

Transforming Online Businesses with Innovation and Trust

The Brains Behind the Impact

FME Addons brings the experience and skill together to build SaaS solutions with features that soar. The team makes sure that every addon we bring to life makes a revolutionary impact on your online store. Therefore, we strive harder every day to meticulously craft solutions with extraordinary and innovative capabilities.


Surpassing Customer Expectations with Excellence

Wordpress Modules Through our significant success in Magento and PrestaShop modules, FME Addons has developed the best Free and Premium WooCommerce plugins. We make sure our WooCommerce extensions meet the precise requirements of our clients and deliver the promised performance through high quality coding. Magento Woocommerce Opencart Joomla Wordpress

A Team focused on Growth and Progress

A Never Ending Pursuit

At FME Addons, we walk the path of success by reaching new milestones each day. It's not just about achieving greatness occasionally but weaving excellence into the fabric of our daily journey. Here, going beyond is not a choice but a way of life that drives our relentless pursuit of innovation and service excellence.


Success with FME Addons

We aim to empower every business, large or small, to thrive in the digital world through cutting-edge tools and unwavering support. At FME Addons, we envision a world where data is not just managed but maximized, driving continuous growth and innovation for our global community of users.

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