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Magento sort products extension is a small but very effective tool for the store owners. Magento sort by popularity enables your customer to search for the best products in a simple way. Increase the usability of your catalog by providing them with user friendly search options on the catalog view page in both listing and grid view. These improved sorting options include; new, best sellers, most viewed, top rated and in wish list. Customer can view the catalog in a better way using the product sorting module.

  • Sort by new, best rated, most viewed and more options.
  • Configure time period for selected category of products like hot products
  • Set the option to display/Hide position option on front side.
  • Display out of stock products.

March 10, 2020

Compatible with Adobe Commerce 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x | Compatible with Magento Open Source 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

    Magento improved sorting extension is a user friendly navigation tool for your customers. It allows them to search for the right product in a quick and easy way. Enable them to sort products by; best sellers, ratings, most viewed and many more. Make the browsing experience of your customer easy and friendly allowing them to search the product they want without any difficulty.

    The improved product sorting feature of this extension enables the store owners to specify sorting options in a drop down menu on the product category page. The sorting tool of this extension makes the navigation easy for the customers and they can then select the desired product very quickly. The more quickly they find the product, more likely will get the sale!

    Improved User Experience:

    Magento Improved sorting feature of the extension allows the store owners to arrange the product in the arrangement that the customer desires to view. Therefore, making your customer’s shopping experience more satisfactory.

    Emphasize on Your Hot Products with Magento Improved Sorting:

    Magento catalog product sorting feature of this extension enables the store owners to tactfully list the products that are widely purchased by other customers, on top by providing the users an option to sort by “best sellers” (for example). This will list down the products which are hot on your store, providing you with a chance to make more sales.

    Customize Sorting Options:

    The store owners can easily include or exclude the options for sorting the products. This way they can control the emphasis they want to give on top product categories. Therefore, helping you to increase the sales in very short but effective way!

    Key Features of Magento Sort by Popularity Extension

    • Options available for the customers to sort products.
    • Enable customers to sort by best sellers
    • Customers can sort by top rated products
    • Users can sort by most viewed products
    • Allows your customers to sort by Whishlist
    • Store owners can separately display the “Out of Stock” product for customer’s easiness.
    • You can set the time period for the hot products till the desirable time period.
    • Set the time period in days for Most Viewed Products.
    • Set the option to display/Hide position option on front side.
    • Enable or disable the sorting options for products sorting.

    How it Works

    Magento Sort by popularity extension is a small but very effective application for online store owners. The functionally of the extension is also very easy. After successful installation, navigate to FME Extensions -> Sort Products. To understand how to use this extension, follow the steps below.


    Go to “Sort Products” in the “FME Extensions” and click on configuration. Here you will find following options to configure;


    Click on “Enable” to activate the extension and start using its features.


    In this section, configure following settings;

    • Set the days till when you want the bestseller option to be available for sorting. Leaving it empty will show it for lifetime and you can view the statistics for long.
    • Set the days for sort by Most Viewed products as well. You can leave it empty to make it viewable for life-time.
    • Select “Yes” to display position sorting option.
    • Here you can select which options you do not wish to include in the sorting list.

    How It Works

    Frontend Functionality:

    Once the configuration is set from the backend, the sort products option will appear on the catalog page. A drop-down option named “sort by” will be visible from where the customers can select from the desired sorting option to view the products.
    Check all the features on “Demo” section. For questions, please visit the FAQ section, filling a short form will connect you to us

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