What our customers have to say about us - Testimonials

  • David Gellin
    David Gellin

    I really want to thank you for the additional modifications that you did to my site. These were really necessary and I know were not easy. Since I was receiving too many complaints from customers, I am now completely satisfied with the layout and working of my site. I had no complaint at all since you made the changes. Great work FME!

  • Howard Adamsky
    Howard Adamsky

    I really wanted a system that could simply work for me the way I wanted it to be. Though my other websites were down but this one particularly helped me a lot. Thanks to FME for giving me the results I wanted. I can now change the backgrounds of my site any time and have a perfect & simple checkout process. I don’t get any more cart abandonment and tons of complaints.

  • Simma Lieberman
    Simma Lieberman

    Just want to thank and express my feelings for the outstanding service that we have received from FME. On many occasions, we have bought several templates and modules from FME and its worth to mention that for the past 3 years of service from this company we still receive same dedicated and outstanding service. This is really a great commitment. God bless you.

  • Patricia Fripp
    Patricia Fripp

    For the first time, I have full control on FAQs and testimonials management on my site. It is now completely automated, customers can not only ask questions quickly but they can rate and reply to other inquires. It has eased my life and I can say FME is truly the best in Magento.

  • David  Soble
    David Soble

    FME always understands my requirements very well and come up with a quick solution. I have been using FME plugins for a long time and they always meet my expectations. Its always pleasure to work with FME which not only understands what I want but it really gives value to my site.