15 Thought-Provoking Statistics about Mobile Commerce - Infographic

August 4, 2022,
15 Thought-Provoking Statistics about Mobile Commerce - Infographic
There has been massive growth in Mobile commerce also known as mCommerce in the past several years. It is super convenient to buy products whenever and from wherever you want. Since then it is gradually increasing day by day and becoming one of the largest eCommerce industries. In 2021, mobile commerce sales were more than 50% of all E-Commerce sales. Today we have more mobile-friendly eCommerce platforms than ever. According to a study by Statcounter 54.58% of web traffic comes from mobile devices and 46.51% from desktop devices. The statista mentioned in their report that 4.32 billion users access the internet through mobile devices. This means that around 90% of the global population uses mobile devices. There has been a noticeable increase in online payment methods to help mobile commerce. Statistics from Merchant Savvy suggested that 58% of purchases are made from mobile devices in 2020.  41% of eCommerce sales are expected to be made by mobile phones and it will gradually increase in upcoming years. Mobile Commerce has been widely utilized by users from different parts of the world. Asia ranks top among the regions as 46% of online shopping is done from mobile devices. 56% consumer population of the USA uses mobile payment methods for in-store payments. The infographic consists of some interesting facts about the increasing trend in mobile commerce. Give a quick read to the statistics as follows.

73% of eCommerce is powered by mobile devices

It is very convenient to search for and buy products from mobile devices. Almost half of the eCommerce sales are contributed by eCommerce. There has been a massive increase in mobile phone owners in the USA in the past years. Millennials have contributed 79% and Gen Z accumulated 80% towards mobile commerce. In the past year, 71% of purchases have been done by mobile devices on Cyber Monday and Black Friday which will increase in upcoming years.

Prominent Increase in Mobile Commerce Industry

According to Statista, mobile commerce is rapidly growing and becoming one of the largest industries. In 2021, mobile commerce sales were expected to reach around $3.56 trillion. The USA alone contributes to the major increase in mCommerce having $360 billion in business a year. Amazon surpasses every other mobile app with over 150.6 million users followed by Walmart with 86.05 million users.

iPhone leads M-Commerce in Higher Conversion Values

There has been a wide range of mobile devices and gadgets available in the market. One of the most prominent and leading brands of mobile is the iPhone. It is not at the top of the leading brands but also produces high conversion values in mCommerce. iPhone users contribute 67% while Android users 43% towards mobile commerce. iPhone users are 50% more likely to use mobile commerce apps than Android users. It also gets higher conversion values 2.11% than Android 1.81%.

Ease of paying through smartphones

Now that mobile commerce is very much popular, there have been multiple online payment methods. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, and digital wallets have eased payment methods through smartphones. Apple Pay has around 227 million users, and Google Pay and Samsung both have 100 million active users. According to Statista, about 44% of transactions all around the world are done through mobile devices and are expected to increase more in the upcoming years. Mobile devices have eased users to search and buy their desired products and pay online through digital wallets.

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