5 Best Strategies to Make an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is the face of your online business. It represents the product or service just like a salesman does in a retail shop. Suppose, if a visitor enters your shop and is directed to a salesman responsible for dealing in the products they need. Now, converting that visitor into customer solely depends on how your sales force portrays the store items. The same responsibilities are performed by landing pages of an eCommerce website. It includes a compelling sales copy that drives the users to take an action. Following are some of the result-driven strategies for making the landing pages more effective and converting.

1. Write a Human Readable Sales Copy

The content of a website plays the role of a game changer. Writing anything for the sake of filling up the page or dodging the search engines was an old practice. Your visitors want to know about the products and the distinct features you have to offer. The online users quickly scan through the page and get to know the key characteristics they are looking for. Hence, you are required to write a compelling sales copy and make it readable with sound presentation.

If you have ever observed product pages on different eCommerce websites, it starts with a small description and expands with its key features and benefits. A brief landing page often includes tabs that segregate product information into different categories for better presentation.

For example, women party wear products can have tabs for description, fabric quality, and assurance, how to order, FAQs, return policies, disclaimer, etc. if you want to make the sales-copy more readable, you can write in chunks and classify it in different tabs by installing WooCommerce Custom Tabs plugin. It adds tabs to the landing page that facilitate the users to read about a specific aspect of a product they want to know. You can set up global as well as custom tabs to make the products stand out and earn revenue.

2. Pursue Minimalism

A clean and simple design is always admired by the online community. They are not attracted by the bright color combination or distinct font type you use. Pursuing minimalism will get you to have a design that has a natural appeal. Avoid using more than what is required on a landing page.

The concept of minimalism compels you to add content that is to the point. Whether you sell eBooks, services, digital products, or physical goods, talk about it and let the users take action. Adding something irrelevant for adding beauty to the page may do harm rather than anything good.

3. Add FAQs and Ask a Question Form

Online buyers take a quick view of your website, but still need to ask questions regarding your business of the products you offer. These questions may sometimes be the common ones but may differ. For the common questions, you can draft FAQs along with detailed answers and put them right on the landing pages.

The FAQs section of a page allows the users to clarify their ambiguities about your offerings and take an action accordingly. Most of the users leave a website just because they don’t find a relevant answer to the problem they face. If you are addressing a problem then make it clear to the target users either through the description, benefits or in the FAQs. It is one of the effective strategies in making the people understood the message you need to spread. There is no need of promoting a landing page if a user finds it difficult to understand the use and purpose of the products you offer.

Additionally, for the uncommon questions, you can place an ‘Ask a Question’ form to let the users ask what they have in their minds. They will be encouraged to ask right on a landing page without referencing deeply about a product name, ID or category. This simplifies merchant-buyers interaction and results in higher conversions.

4. Add Testimonials to Gain Trust

Customers’ reviews and feedback lets you gain trust in the eyes of potential buyers. The users who have already consumer products or services from your store may not necessary look for the reviews section on a landing page, but the newcomers do search for it. Trusting blindly on an online shop is inviting risks and no one dare to do that. So, invite your loyal customers to submit their honest opinion about you, your company or the items you sell and display them on the landing page.

There are plugins and tools for displaying testimonials. You can install an extension either you use Magento, WooCommerce or WordPress and let the customers leave their valuable feedback. Additionally, you can record their views and ask the developer to have a small display widget for it. These are the trust signals that prove that you have an authority and fan following in a community or user groups.

The bloggers and professionals often have social proof plugins to let their readers know about their social media reach and exposure. It works for them as live testimonials which no one can deny or doubt about. You can also show-off the social signals and gain credibility.

5. Give Incentives to Your Potential Buyers

The online buyers’ community is always in search of stores that offers subsidized rates. Your landing page will not bear any sales if you are selling products at the market price or a bit higher. There is no reason for them to place an order and share personal details for the products that are available in the nearest malls. To convert them into your loyal customers, give them incentives. Initiate loyal points system or giveaway discounts.

There are various occasions when users of your online shop expect discounts, rebates, and special offers. Whether it is New Year, Valentines’ day, Easter, black Friday, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, be prepared to engage the users with incentives.


Landing pages are developed to achieve a goal or make the users take an action, which means all your efforts must be focused on a central goal. Either you want to improve navigation or easy search, at the end the user enjoys the simplified shopping experience, and your goal accomplishes. You can take into consideration any of the above-mentioned strategies or use a combination to have a landing page that really converts.

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