9 places to sell your handmade goods online

Starting with handmade goods is a simple artistic idea as most of the people do not commit themselves to making things on their own. It needs a passion for producing something amazing with a natural beauty that is often missing in art and crafts made by machines. Being made with artisans, only like-minded people can relate to the aesthetic pleasure in the end product that’s why these goods need to be showcased to the right kind of audience.

Not everyone can build an online shop so to get your products recognized free of cost and connect them with the right audience without doing explicit marketing, we are highlight top 7 places to easily sell their crafty products.

Following is a list of marketplaces you can take benefit of.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is a renowned online shop where all kinds of craftsmen can meet their potential buyers. It boasts a collection of new and vintage products that are exclusively made for a specific group of people. The trend of wearing vintage jewelry has flourished the art of making rings, bracelets and necklaces more alluring and beautiful. The website is well structured to showcase or find a product under a relevant category. With more than 25 million buyers, you can an ample number of possibilities to sell products without struggling hard for it.

  1. Bonanza

Bonanza has proved to be an economical online store alternative for the artists who are not happy with the expensive pricing of Etsy and eBay. It allows the enthusiasts to list their handmade products free of cost and charges a lower commission rate on sales. Sellers can easily browse through a long list of categories and avail one-click product publishing with the powerful tools of the platform. The artists who do not like to expense money on photography and visual content for endorsing their products, they can utilize the tools offered by Bonanza.

  1. Supermarket

It is a marketplace more recommended for designers rather the artists. The simple user interface enables the craftsmen to shelf their creations and sell them to a desirable community around the world. Enlisting a product is free whereas a 15% commission is charged on sale proceeds that cover the cost of marketing and cash management. For designers, who find it difficult to understand the basics of promoting products on the digital platforms can easily get interacted with customers.

  1. Shop Handmade

Shop handmade is an exemplary platform with a spirit of social entrepreneurship. It allows the makers of handmade products to exhibit their products without paying for the listing charges or commission because it operates with donations. To restrict the companies taking unfair advantage of saving listing and commission prices, Shop Handmade has set a rule for merchants not to produce the products in mass quantity. It may seem negative to profit-seeking people, but it is a way to give other artists the right to contribute their masterpieces to the world.

  1. ArtFire

AirFire is a popular group amount artist with an independent identity in connecting sellers of handmade craft with potential buyers. It has an affiliation with Maker House to bring the manufacturers of micro handmade products and small businesses to the forefront and expose their craft to a large community. This marketplace is not limited to buying and selling, as it removes the conventional bargains and focusing on connecting creative and innovative people.

  1. I Craft Gifts

I Craft Gift is the only marketplace that deals in the specialized handmade products rather than allowing all kinds of products to buy and sell. It purely accepts listings in art, craft, and handmade jewelry. Sellers can showcase their handmade products and request custom orders from their customers. It may cost you $25 to get registered and signup for a $5 a month for displaying about 50 products. The platform worth the cost as you get exposure through official blog mentions. The buyers are facilitated with a quick search bar to find art and craft against a keyword.

  1. Silk fair

Silk Fair gives you the opportunity to have a complete online store on their platform and bring all your products to the limelight. The exclusive categories like handmade, vintage, personalized, and limited edition give you the ultimate exposure you need to sell your art and craft. You can continue business as an independent shop. It is up to you either to continue with the marketplace or go for a custom online store. Being equipped with the administration, marketing, and security tools you can better manage your online venture rather than investing a lot of money on web development.

  1. Made it myself

Made It Myself is a free marketplace that allows merchants to set products for sale. It is one of the rapidly growing platforms that resembles the Etsy for facilitating merchants with basic features of an online store. The website aims to help artisans approach the digital market by focusing people who specifically like handmade goods. The only available tool for boosting sales is to participate in its official forum. It may not facilitate artists to interact with like-minded people as they can neither add a personal bio nor photos.

  1. Folksy

Folksy is regarding as a British version of Etsy – the famous marketplace for artists and crafters. In addition to the conventional features e-commerce platform, it offers a collection of detailed tutorials about making different handmade products. Beginners can benefit of these guides to pursue a small business of their own without coining new ways to earn money. It includes a great variety of products that ranges from the small brooches to fabric flowers, cards and gift boxes, bracelets and other jewelry items. Buyers can search products by the general categories or the material used and procedures followed in the making of certain goods.

It is all about the interest and passion for creating amazing products and get it cashed. The artists normally do not think of the monetary gains as they lack sales and marketing skills. The above marketplaces may prove helpful in getting profitable returns of their hard work, creativity, and dedication.

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