The Changing Portrait of Mobile Consumers - Infographic

As the world begins to evolve and become more accustomed to thinking with a technological frame of mind, mobile usage has unsurprisingly increased at a rate of knots.

There will be an estimated 8.2 billion handsets in circulation by 2018, with each one said to be generating as much as the 2.7GBs worth of data on a monthly basis.

In that same year, it’s expected sales of the devices will reach as high as $626 billion, with 30% of the revenue coming from the nation of Japan alone.

Businesses have wisely adapted to the continued trend of mobile data usage swiftly, with a lot of marketing campaigns now targeted directly at this sort of consumer base.

With 1.23 billion active users on Facebook, the dollar signs are sitting on a platter for any companies who are savvy enough to tap into this pool of potential revenue.

Interestingly, though, a recent survey found just ads on social networks had just a 36% trust rating from users, whereas consumer reviews posted about products received the lofty rating of 70% trustworthiness.

Fascinated by the facts and figures which are growing increasingly important in the mobile world every day? If so, why not check out this amazing infographic we’ve thrown together; providing you with a whole range of stats which’ll leave you thinking.

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