Enhance Your Store’s Functionality with These 8 Magento Extensions

Hundreds and thousands of online merchants use Magento as their online selling platform. Providing better shopping experience and increasing sales are the core objectives of every online store. While there may be hundreds of useful Magento extensions and choosing some of them depends upon your store’s specific needs, some extensions are great in enhancing the store’s functionality and ultimately increasing revenue. Here are the 8 Magento extensions (in no particular order) we have compiled that will enhance your store’s functionality.

1. Magento Language Switcher

Give a personalized shopping experience to your customers and increase store’s conversion with Magneto language currency switcher extension. It automatically redirects your customers to a store view in their native language and local currency after detecting their location. Magento language switcher detects customer’s location from MaxMind IP database and changes the language and currency of the store with respect to the location. This way, customers can read the store in their native language and make purchases in their local currency. Following are some of the features of Magento language extension.
Manual Redirection
Instead of auto redirection, customers can manually redirect their store to their preferred language and currency or choose to remain in their default store. They can do so by selecting their option in the dropdown that appears at the top of the website.
IP Exceptions
Bypass some customers from redirection by setting their IP exceptions. Magento language switcher will ignore currency and language switching for them.
Import IP Database
Import MaxMind database to Magento change currency that detects visitor’s location accurately from their IP addresses. Apart from MaxMind, any other IP database can also be imported for geo location detection.

2. Magento Image Gallery

Magento image gallery extension allows you to display product & other images in a standalone gallery page and under product pages. It has the following features.
Unlimited Photo Galleries
Magento photo gallery makes it possible for you to create unlimited photo galleries to show products.
Target Products
You can attach images to specific products and customize settings to target products that need attention. Magento photo gallery also allows you to upload multiple images simultaneously.
Separate Photo Gallery Page
Magento gallery plugin creates a dedicated photo gallery page so that customers can browse all the images on a single page.
Image Gallery Block
Magento image gallery block enables you to position images anywhere you want on the CMS pages with custom settings.

3. Magento Product Questions

Magento product question is a highly useful Magento extension which enables you to satisfy all curious customers by answering all their product & services related questions. This extension adds a product questions tab on every product page along with an ‘ask a question form’ for immediate product questions. Magento FAQs extension also adds a dedicated FAQ page to display all your product & general policies questions in an FAQ block. Major features of this Magento extension are highlighted below.
Dedicated FAQ Page
Magento product question extension allows you to display all questions directly or indirectly related to products like shipping, payment etc. in a separate FAQ page. The FAQs can be divided into topics and categories and positioned according to ranking. The search box can be enabled to search for specific FAQs easily.
Magento Ask a Question Form
Customers can ask quick questions which are not explicitly listed in the FAQs by using captcha enabled ask a question form. Instantly answering customer’s questions greatly improve their shopping experience.
FAQs Rating, Like/Unlike, Reply Options
Customers can rate, like and reply to questions posted by other people. This helps store manager determine what questions are more effective and what modifications need to be made to certain questions.
Email Notifications
Product questions Magento extension sends email alerts when a customer posts a new question and when the admin answers to that question. The admin can edit the email subject and content and apply a template before sending it.

4. Magento Order Attributes

Add different custom fields on Magento order and registration pages with Magento order attributes. It allows you to add Magento custom checkout fields like Text field, checkbox, Radio button, Yes/No, Date etc. You can position the fields anywhere you want on checkout & registration pages. Magento order attributes extension comes with the following exciting features.
Order Attributes Specific to Product & Category
With Magento add field to order, you can add product and category specific custom attributes. These attributes will only be visible on checkout when that product is added to cart.
Add 9 Types of Fields
Magento custom checkout allows you to add a wide variety of custom checkout fields. This includes the following.
Text Field, Check Box, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Radio Button, Text Area, Drop Down, Message Display
Show in Emails/ Invoice Pdfs
The checkout fields added via Magento add order attribute can be displayed in invoice emails to let customers know what they have opted in checking out. The fields can also be made visible in PDF invoice.
Select Checkout Step
Magento order attributes extension allows you to select any checkout step like billing, shipping, payment, or order review to add custom fields to.

5. Magento Events Extension

Magento events extension provides a comprehensive platform for online events management. It allows you to display events in an attractive way using videos & event details and sell online tickets for the events. Magento event extension has got the following features.
Sell Tickets Online
Magento events calendar enables you to create ticket as product and attach it with the event. Customers are then able to purchase it directly from the event page.
Add Video, Image Gallery & Google Maps
An exciting feature of Magento events module is that you can add YouTube video and image gallery to your event pages. Just enter the URL of the video to embed it. You can also add a separate image gallery for each event.
Manage Recurring Events
With Magento events manager, you can manage recurring events and set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly repetitions of an event. You can set the time frame and the day on which the event should repeat itself.
Enter Event Contact Details
Increase your ticket sales by providing all the contact details for an event. You can enter the person’s name, phone number, Fax, email and address with Magento event management extension.
Magento Image Gallery
Display your images in a dedicated gallery page as well as product pages with Magento image gallery extension.

6. Magento Cost Based Pricing

Magento cost based pricing extension enables you to apply cost based mark up or mark down using “cost +/- fixed or percentage” formula. You can apply mark up or mark down on specific products or multiple products simultaneously. Magento cost price has the following extra features.
Create Multiple Markup Rules
With Magento percentage pricing, you can create multiple markup/mark down rules to be executed based on pre-set priorities.
Increase/Decrease Prices in Bulk
You can markup/mark down prices of multiple products using Magento bulk price update.
Price Rules for Specific Time
Magento cost based pricing allows you to add price rules for specific time like Valentine’s Day or black Friday.
Fix or Percentage Formula
Magento cost-based pricing can be set according to fixed amount or percentage of the total cost.

7. Magento Store Locator

With Magento store locator extension, you can display your physical store locations on a separate Magento store locator page. Magento Google maps finds the location of the user and draws direction to the nearest physical store. Following are some of the core features of store locator Magento extension.
Unlimited Store Locations
You can create unlimited store locations with store’s specific details such as store name, store address, store image, phone number & Fax number, description etc.
Import Multiple Stores
Magento store locator allows you to import all your stores simultaneously by uploading a CSV file.
Google Maps Integration
Show your physical stores on Google maps with necessary details such as contact number, opening & closing hours etc. You can also attach labels for store’s identification.
Search by Product or Address
Store locator Magento extension allows your customers to search your store by product or address such as country, state, zip.

8. Magento Dynamic Pricing

Magento dynamic pricing offers a good solution for variable sized product’s pricing by calculating its price based on the product’s length, width, area & volume. Customers can enter measurement and Magento price calculator automatically calculates the exact price of the product. Learn about some of the features of this extension below.
5 Input & Output Units
Magento dynamic pricing supports 5 unites of measurement to calculate price. You can also configure Magento price per unit.
Customized Dynamic Pricing Formula
You can create customized dynamic pricing rules to determine price for variable sized products.
Offer Discounts
With Magento price calculator, you can offer attractive discounts based upon the size of the product.
Add Fixed Base Price
Set a base price for products that will remain fixed.

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