Rich Snippets Help Increasing Ecommerce Sales: Answers To Why And How!

Rich snippets or structured data is all about helping eCommerce website owners to receive high site traffic from search engines because such data enable users in making conscious clicking. More website traffic means more sales, so business owners should pay attention toward this aspect. Search engines get a clear picture of the products from rich snippets and deliver that information to the searching prospects.

How is structured data implemented? Additional markup is used in the HTML code and the data is represented on web pages by using agreed upon vocabulary. It might be a complex process for store owners who do not have enough technical knowledge. There are software and extensions available to help such non-technical store owners.

In the lines below, you will come to know about how structured data can help ecommerce business owners appealing to search engines and prospects and increasing sales and what are the best ecommerce software and extension to implement structured data with ease.

Link Of Structured Data With SEO

Search engine optimization is all about receiving high site traffic from organic search. Web traffic from Google and other search engines can be increased in two ways:

Top search engine ranks: Appearing among top ranks means getting more site traffic from organic search results.

High click thru rate: It means more visitors are clicking on your link appearing in search results.

According to Google, the big boss, rich snippets do not affect page ranks. It means implementing structured data will not go well to get top ranks, so that way of increasing website traffic is not possible with rich snippets. However, the second option is yet considerable. As rich snippets are more useful and attractive for searchers and help them in clicking at certain website link appearing in search results. Higher CTR means more site traffic, hence more sales.

More critical information about a business appearing in search results enable searchers to make a quick decision about clicking. However, the information presented in structured data should be relevant and accurate and displayed as quickly as possible. If it is said that the buying decision is made during the process of searching, provided the right structured data is presented, then it is true. Other than higher page ranking, rich snippets help search engines in better understanding your website content.

Ecommerce Platforms Supporting Structured Data

A high quality ecommerce platform is needed to support rich snippets. You, as the store owner, can add structured markup to your web page HTML manually. But, you will feel tired off sooner because it is a hectic and time-consuming task. Some ecommerce platforms offer building structured markup into the product pages at any level. 3 are mentioned below.

Volusion: It supports structured data and follows an automatic method. The technical difficulty rating for this platform is 1 (on a scale of 1-5, 1 for easier and 5 for difficult).

Shopify: It also supports rich snippets and the data is populated automatically. You have to copy/paste structured data into template file of the product. Technical difficulty grade is 2.

BigCommerce: It also supports structured data, and here again, the data is populated automatically. However, you have to copy/paste the structured data markup into the template file of the product. Technical difficulty grade is 2.

Magento: Structured data will be implemented everywhere within a year. Start working right now and experience a rise in your ecommerce sales. How to add rich snippets in Magento based ecommerce stores without getting involved in complications? Here is given the solution, the rich snippets extension.

Rich Snippets Extension For Magento
This extension helps ecommerce business owners to display useful Rich Snippetproduct information like product image, product reviews, etc., in the search engine results. To display the data of your choice in the search engine results, keep on selecting YES from the drop down lists provided in the module. The extension insert schema tags automatically into your product pages’ HTML.

This rich snippet Magento extension helps decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the click thru rate of your product pages. Relevant and useful information attracts users and helps them making a quick decision about site visit. The store owners can show the data like name, breadcrumbs, SKU, URL, image, description, reviews, price, currency, status, etc. Such information makes the snippets really rich and stand high among the competitors. The extension helps displaying some unique information or some distinguishing feature in the search results and you will see how your prospects get attracted.

Are you using rich snippets in search results of your eCommerce site? Have you experienced a rise in sales or a positive response from the customers? Share your experience in the comments below. If you have any precious piece of advice related to structured data or its implementation in search engine optimization, do share.

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