How Can Merchants Boost the Sales by Enabling Brands on e-Stores?

Maximising sales revenue is a goal of every online store. The merchant has a variety of methods to select and implement for improving sales and achieving a target. But, they often fail after trying several techniques, because a trick that is fruitful for a website may not be necessarily effective for another one. So, merchants have to select a method that is meant specifically for their industry and nature of business.

The addition of branded products is among those several strategies that we apply for boosting conversions, but it can be beneficial for all if done rightly. It may require an eCommerce website to evaluate the popularity and trust factor of different brands, and the select only those that are relevant and demanded their concerned community. And, make it easier for the user to find products of a brand with a single click.

This can be achieved by modifying the code or installing a plugin according to the eCommerce application a merchant uses. For example, an online store built on Magento can simplify brand navigation with the help of tools like Magento shop by brand extension, whereas WordPress websites can find alternate solutions like the WooCommerce brands plugin. These tools allow sellers to add, display and endorse reputed makers and manufacturers.

How merchants can boost sales by enabling brands

Brands have an established identity. Adding them to your website simply means cashing out the entire effort of the brand manufacturer from your target audience. Every brand has a loyal following and they prefer to have the products that are not compromised for the quality.

In managing an online business, the store owners often face a lack of trust by users because the users are reluctant to try their products as they have not tried them before. But, they are surely well aware of branded products. An online store can boost sales because of the following compelling benefits of displaying brands on an eCommerce website.

- A well-known brand sells itself

The addition of brands to a website means a continuous flow of sales without making the users trust these products. Users are well aware of the quality and don't ask further questions. Brands are established with a continuous retention of quality standards that gains the trust of the end consumers. Merchants and online sellers can boost the sales of their online store by simply exhibiting the established brands, and users will start putting orders blindly because of its repute.

It takes a lot of time to establish a brand. The users keep on using a brand until the quality standards and their expectations are met. So, brands are really cautious in retaining a quality demanded by the community. Merchants can reap the entire benefits of brand popularity by adding them to their website and boost sales.

- Remove price conflict and negotiation

A general perception about online stores is that they need to offer discounts, deals, and offers. The buyers ask for a lower price if an online store showcase products of a local manufacturer or a brand that is yet to establish in the market. With the addition of prominent brands, the merchants can get rid of price inquiries.

The price of a product is a major concern of online customers. They would like to purchase a store item, but stop at the checkout page, and reconsider their decision for the price they pay. A price that seems to be higher than their expectations may result in a higher cart abandon rate. The moment an online store display branded products, the users are quite sure that the price is global and that there could be a discount. And, despite the higher price, they finish the order. In result, the merchant secures higher conversions.

- The display of brands improves e-store navigation

The online stores use a conventional method for navigation that primarily includes categories, sub-categories, and tags. The users are required to click the relevant tab to explore the products they need. By enabling brands on the e-Store, the merchants make it easier for the users to browse products by their favorite brands without confusing between different categories.

A small online store may not need to classify products by its manufacturer, but a multi-store eCommerce product will surely need to enable it. For example, an online store that deals in men’s jeans as well joggers. Searching through the main category can be difficult, whereas displaying the logo of NIKE can simply take the users to the products they are looking for. It removes the hassle of browsing the entire store.

The WordPress websites have a wide variety of tools and plugins to select from when they have to simplify the navigation. One of the recommended applications is WooCommerce brands plugin that helps merchants to add brands as products to their online stores and allow users to search these products by brands. It also facilitates users to simply click on the logo of a brand and get access to their manufactured products.

- The website gains credibility

The brand conscious users appreciate the people or stores that endorse the brands they like the most. It allows the users to reconnect with the stores that deal in products by their preferred manufacturers. The trust they put in the stores to have the branded products extends to other products of the same stores. They bookmark the store for future purchases and revisit frequently to try products from other makers as well. It gives birth to a credible and trustworthy relationship with users.

- Stores can upsell other products as well

It is difficult for any online store to boost sales of the entire store items that’s why they use different strategies for it. Upselling is one of the appealing tricks that allow merchants to promote products in addition to the brands. The users who visit the eCommerce website for a specific brand can have a look at the set of products in addition to their selected items.

It works just like the way a person enters a retail shop for a specific shaving razor, but the salesman suggests him a variety of shaving foam and lotions. With upselling, the users are encouraged to shop more products that are closely connected with a single store. Thus, it boosts the overall revenue.


Brands are recognized for its finest making and a successful customer retention policy. The makers and manufacturers who want to earn name and fame in their industry do not compromise the quality for an endless period of time. And, hence people become addicted to whatever they produce. For merchants and online sellers, it is one of the promising strategies to display brands and add a definite flow of income.

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