How to Enable WooCommerce Product Quick View Plugin?

The online buyers are extremely careful while placing an order for a product they cannot see or touch physically. They need to ensure different aspects like color, size, design, style, fabric or any other material before they can make a purchase decision. To help them zoom in the product image, a quick product view is added to store items so that every customer can view it in detail.

For the WooCommerce store owners, we recommend the installation of an easy and simple plugin that is named as Product Quick View. It helps the consumers to review the shape of a product right on the catalog rather than visiting the product page. It saves their time as they can dig deep after forming an opinion about the product over the quick view. They can view the image, price, short description and add to cart from right there. For your convenience, we have defined the addition of a quick view button in the following easy steps.

Step 1: Download WooCommerce Quick View plugin.

Step 2: Navigate to Plugins and click Add new. Hit ‘Upload Plugin’ to add the files of the plugin you have just downloaded. Complete the installation process.


Step 3: Click ‘Installed Plugins’ in the same menu, and find the extension you have just added to the store. Activate the plugin and start using it.


Step 4: After activation, you will find an additional tab labeled as Product Quick View in the left size admin panel. Click it and you will find lots of options to personalize the button. You can add a custom title for the button and select a position for it.


Step 5: Scroll down to explore more options for customizing the button for the convenience of your valued customers. The simple options in checkboxes allow you to quickly configure the display of a ‘Quick View’ button on various positions. Make as many changes as you need to personalize the button, click Save and it’s done.


Step 6: if you select the display of Quick View button on the image, here is how it will ease your customers.


Step 7: If you like a separate button to be displayed beneath the product, select “Before Add to Cart Button” position for it.


And it will appear like this


Step 8: When a customer clicks the button, a popup preview will appear along with all the necessary details. Here is an example. It saves customers an ample amount of time in quickly reviewing a product rather than waiting for a separate page to load. They can continue with placing their orders right from the quick view.


The installation of an application is one of the easiest methods for improving the user experience of your website. By following the above steps, you can also enhance click through rate of your products by enabling a quick view of the product, which ultimately results in a higher conversion.


The addition of a user-friendly quick product view is only a few steps away. Stop worrying about the complex coding as a two-minute installation can save you time and money. This plugin is tested multiple times that ensure a bug-free usage for the merchants, webmasters, store managers, and administrators. You can also avail the ease of managing additional buttons on products that convert visitors into customers.

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