Ecommerce Quality – How to grow your business?

An eCommerce business has a more diverse and complicated model than a traditional shop on a busy street. It requires you to maintain quality in developing an appealing platform, manufacturing and showcasing products, bringing traffic and converting them into leads. The store managers are often stressed to make the website impressive enough to gain customer loyalty and business growth.

The conventional business model may include possessing a physical shop, holding stock and getting customers with a little marketing or public relations. Either the shop offer top class, average or below the average services, a set of people will continue to buy things around, but this is not the case in eCommerce. The online buyers evaluate various factors before placing an order. Their set standards may unintentionally demand quality within an e-commerce website, the products, and services it deals in.

Impact of quality on the growth of your business

The survival of an online business depends on the quality of products and the way they are represented on the virtual shelves. Business managers and marketers suggest improving the quality for high performance and growth. The quality is a not limited to the web design or development alone, as it needs to address the common problems of a targeted community as well. A well structured eCommerce website with poor quality products or services will never help a buyer, hence it will not count towards the growth of your venture.

Quality dimensions to grow your website

The definition of quality may differ between companies, organizations and industry, but the standards remain the same. The consumer behavior may not change because every time they are in search of selective deals that have more quality features in return for a fair price. The pricing is one of the controversial topics that is decided against consumer needs and the base cost of a product. It will conclude the quality of a product, but the following are some of the dimensions that sum up to form the quality of your online business venture.


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Website usability

An online store does not have working hours as a customer may check out any time they are free and comfortable with shopping. To make them place orders without any hurdle the eCommerce website needs to be available and accessible all time. To make your website usable for the end consumers you have to continue the testing and debugging procedures. It removes the possibility of cart abandonment due to server down in the late night or in the wee hours.

The quality of a business website is determined by the way products and services are showcased easily. The clarity of a web design contributes a lot towards the quality. You can achieve clarity by simplifying the appearance, making the content consistent with the brand name and structuring the information in a meaningful fashion.

Quality of information

The quality of information is calculated on the basis of its usefulness and readability. The online buyers are prone to grab more out of the descriptions that are posted on the product pages. The more insights you provide about a store item, the more they can make a purchase decision.

The famous brands are not in need of defining store listings, as they have an established business and consumers are well aware of their products, but your store needs exposure. To grow and recognize a personal brand, you are required to educate potential customers about your offerings.

Share relevant information that focuses the uses, benefits and end results of the products and services you deal. In addition to the uniqueness of content, you shall take into account the kind of font and color you use for the text, as excise bright colors may fade away the charm of the content.

Being a reliable shopping platform

The growth of an online business depends on your reliability which includes server uptime, a secure payment gateway, safety of consumer information and incorporating the latest market trends. According to, one hour of downtime can cost you about $138,000 which is not the amount of sale you could have gained in the last hour, but the loss of reliability. A consumer, who visits your website in the downtime, will not likely to return back in the future.

Dispute resolution is also among the various factors that establish a reliable image of your business among the users. When a consumer logs a complaint and pursues the way his query is handled, that impression lasts longer. The accuracy of information also helps you build an authority in a competitive market.

A mobile friendly platform

More than half of the internet users feel more comfortable to browse products on their cell phones. Is your website ready to shrink or expand according to different screen sizes around the globe? You never know which mobile device they are using to browse through the products and read the content. So, to be on the safe side, you need to make your web store mobile friendly that shows the content with consistency regardless of a change in mobile screen size.

The inappropriate and distorted navigation is also a major cause they may restrict you in growing your business. Customers do not take time in switching between websites that are not appealing.

Security assurance

The security of an eCommerce website is significant for the growth of a business as it may pose various threats. Customers, who share their personal and financial information for smooth shopping, may leave your store forever if the data is lost or stolen, and in a worse scenario, they may take legal action against the company.

Businessmen and entrepreneurs, who foresee a bright future and want to grow in their respective domains, spend a lot on strengthening the security. It not only secures the business, but takes the consumers in full confidence. A quality website assures its customers and stakeholders that adequate measures have been taken for the security of their valuable details.

Personalizing the store

According to Invespcro, 59% of online buyers are more comfortable to search products on a store that is personalized according to their preferences. Merchants can acquire personal information like habits, needs, favorite brands, and other shopping options.

The online users are often reluctant while sharing their personal details as they need to maintain their privacy, whereas reliability and credibility of your store can play an impressive part in compelling them to share such details. About 77% of people show an inclination to share personal information if they are informed how their details will be utilized.

You can pursue business growth by establishing a trustworthy business, which can allow you to grab and implement consumer information to offer them a personalized shopping experience.


There are different quality aspects of your eCommerce website that assures your business growth. Focusing on the quality of a product or service is ineffective is you fail to account for the above-defined dimensions of quality.

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