Joomla 3.4: What’s New In Features?

Joomla 3.4 is available now with its exciting new features. This release is part of the new strategy followed by Joomla developers’ team. The new Joomla CMS release strategy is all about releasing regular updates in frequent intervals. Such a strategy provides longer support period for big Joomla releases. The new strategy has replaced the previously used clumsy LTS/STS release setup for Joomla. Although, Joomla 3.4 was scheduled to release on July 30, 2014, but things went the other way, a common happening in the open source world. Bug fixing and maintenance of the already released Joomla releases were the main reasons behind slow work.
Joomla 3.4 is available now! What are the features offered in the new release? Here you need to go to know!

1.  De Coupling Components To Make Joomla Package Lighter

There are many Joomla components, not needed by an average user, hence adding unnecessary weight to the Joomla package. In Joomla 3.4, Weblinks and all associated components are removed from the package. The main reason behind this feature is to make the Joomla package user-friendly.
Removing weblinks doesn’t mean, developers couldn’t access that, they can, but not in the core. However, these weblinks should be added to the Joomla Extension Directory under a new category. It will help the users to install any removed components with just a single click.

2.  Microdata To Continue

The new Joomla 3.4 has Microdata in its core layouts. Microdata is helpful in making the website content understandable by search engine bots and end users. It makes a website standing prominent in top search engine rankings.

In Joomla 3.4, you can modify the modules without accessing the administration area. It’s a great support for the newbie Joomla developers. It will keep the administrator access and module configuration access separate for the users. This new feature along with Access Control List enables you to take complete control of the Joomla website users and what they can perform on the site.

3.  Composer Integration To Manage External Dependencies

This feature might be exciting for Joomla developers, but not for regular Joomla users. It helps in easy managing of the external Joomla dependencies like PHPMailer and Joomla! Framework. However, an ordinary user can’t see anything visible related to this feature.

4.  Nocaptcha Recaptcha To Avoid Spams

Spam is irritating at any website and needs a wise and intelligent handling. reCAPTCHA is the most popular tool used to prevent spams. Joomla 3.4 has new feature of noCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA as part of registration and login forms. It offers a single-click check to test whether a user is a bot or a human. It saves the precious time of the end users. The default setting of “type the numbers/letters” takes the place in case reCAPTCHA couldn’t determine a bot or a human. Whatever the scene is, you will stay protected using Joomla 3.4 while providing the end users a smooth website experience.

5.  Standardized Core En-GB Language Strings

This is the most exciting feature that Joomla 3.4 has brought. The official language of Joomla, en-GB has standardized core language strings. A standard translation framework brings consistency in the core things. Addition of new languages and comfortable translation make this feature a useful part of Joomla 3.4.

6.  Uploadshield For Effective Security

This is the most demanded feature that Joomla team was working over. Joomla 3.4 provides more security to the website with UploadShield implementation. This, along with reCAPTCHA, helps making the Joomla website securer. The UploadShield detects any harmful files being uploaded whether it is the file name or the content it carries. It helps avoiding any malevolent uploads, but care is still needed. Only reputable sources should be used to upload the packages.

The above-mentioned features might compel you to download Joomla 3.4, which is available. Just do it now to avail all the new and exciting features to make your Joomla website standing apart from the competition and much securer. To know “what’s new about Joomla 3.4,” stay connected!

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