Top 25 Trending Products to Sell Online in 2017

The Internet has brought us the ease and comfort of virtual shelves that is allowing us to view products and place orders without leaving our homes and offices. The increased number of mobile users further supplemented the eCommerce industry. Everyone is using smart phones and gadgets to find products of their interest and place orders online.
The easy internet connectivity is not just removing the gap between the people to get connected, but it is also bridging merchants with their potential buyers. People are going crazy to buy products online to add charm to their personalities and avail the ease of technology. By seeing this, a lot of merchants have gone online with their products, but they still lack the knowledge of differentiating between the ordinary and most demanding products. Here, in this article, we are listing the top 25 trending products online to easily select for your targeted audience. These are not limited to a specific field or industry so every merchant can find something worth considering selling.

1. Smart watches

Smart watchesThe sales of smart watches are increasing continuously as it made record sales of 21.1 million units in 2016. This multi-purpose gadget is still high in demand. It is no more just a tool for receiving calls and social media notification, but also for navigating through unknown locations, tracking fitness activities, doing a voice search for products, and lots of other things. Smart watches are highly admired the fitness fanatics and that’s why one in every six Americans has a smart watch.

2. Phone Cases

phone casesStatistica has conducted a survey among the smartphone users, which revealed that among 79% of them use phone cases to protect their handheld gadgets. The increased use of cell phones and mobile devices is demanding the users to represent their fashion sense in their gadgets as well. In addition to the fashion, phone cases are considered mandatory for protection as well. This is the major reason that the phone casing industry has grown exponentially around the world. The trending products 2017 within the phone casing are the one with liquid decoration that is equally popular among men and women.

3. Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea has been a trending product in the online shopping industry as it has numerous health and fitness benefits. The USA is among the major tea importers. In 2016, USA has imported 288 million pounds of black and green tea collectively that amounts to $12 billion. The health conscious people and the fitness lovers always like to replace soft drinks with healthy beverages. Among the other beverages, green tea has quite impressive and healing characteristics that are why it has secured a place in all time favorite products by the buyers’ community. If you are still asking people what can I sell online, it is the product to start with.

4. Wood frame sunglasses

wooden glassesGlobal Market Insights incorporation speculates the eyewear industry size to be $165 billion by the year 2022. Wood is considered one of the oldest materials for manufacturing worthwhile products. This time, the optical industry has tried it in framing sunglasses and represented as a fashion style. Wearing sunglasses is common in people of all ages and genders. So, offering these uniquely designed products in varying sizes will really catch up a larger audience and will bring higher returns to the sellers this year.

5. Bluetooth speakers

bluetooth speakerStatistics reports whooping sales amounting to 1,144 million dollars of Bluetooth speakers in first two-quarters of 2017. And, the demand is expected to rise in the last quarter this year. Enjoying music on your holidays is a must and one cannot be restricted to headphones and other mobile devices. Bluetooth speakers are the most suitable alternative for music lovers and young groups, who like to hang out outdoors with high volume music. It easily connects to a smart phone or mobile and gives the users a complete control to play whatever they want. One of the demanding features of this product is portability.

6. Coconut oil

coconut oilLast year, 2016, Americans have consumed around 529,000 metric ton of coconut oil, because of its limitless health benefits. There is no alternative to natural food and remedies. And, coconut oil is the miracle of nature for carrying an endless health and skin care advantages. People are ordering it as a food ingredient and use it frequently in cooking different recipes. The skin care treatment may include its application for skin miniaturization, healing shave cuts, using as a lip=balm in winter, and removing the makeup as well. The enormous health benefits of coconut oil make it a trending product of 2017.

7. Selfie drones

Sellfie DronesDrones were once limited to the media industry for covering shows and live events. This product appeared as a promising alternative to film making and taking high-quality pictures. The tremendous features made it popular among adventurous and sportsmen to capture their images while expedition. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has speculated 2017 to be the year of drones primarily used by the corporate sector. And, that the sales are expected to reach 4.3 million by 2020. These days, everyone aspires to have a selfie drone to have a perfect selfie without holding a mobile phone or camera device. The ease and comfort of taking pictures and making videos have made it popular among the common people and professional photographers as well.

8. Fitness trackers

Fitness trackersThe sales of wearable devices like fitness trackers, watches, and smart jewelry is on the rise since 2012. Every year the revenue doubles from the wearable market. In 2015, the turnover was $2 billion that increased to $2.83 billion and expected to reach 4.12 billion in 2017. People across the USA and other parts of the world keenly observe their diet and fitness to avoid obesity. Day by day, people are getting awareness about the risk of obesity through fast food and fizzy drinks that's why they are committed to keeping an eye on their food intake and physical activity. The fitness trackers were introduced to address their problems by giving them a handy device. It is like a wrist watch, but it allows a user to know the number of calories he or she burns in a workout session. It also shows the heart rate of the user during the workout.

9. Gluten free products

Gluten free productsAccording to foodnavigator, the projected sales of gluten free products for the year 2017 are $1760 million in the USA alone. The demand for gluten free products is not limited to the United States as awareness of Celiac Disease is growing to more and more countries. Hence, they are also on the look of adopting a diet that is free from gluten. 1 out of 133 Americans are suffering from celiac disease. It is an autoimmune disease which affects the small intestine of a patient and makes him unable to digest gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley). For a celiac patient, the only way to survive is to adopt a gluten free diet. Merchants can serve them with different products like gluten free flour, bread, buns, chocolates, etc. These products are among the major things to sell online because celiac patients are found around the world and they need such food items to retain a proper healthy diet.

10. Men’s bracelet

Men’s braceletResearch and Markets Inc. reports the worldwide jewelry market to reach more than $257 billion in 2017. It simply concludes that the sales of men’s jewelry is also about to rise because of the increasing trend in bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Men are equally competing women in fashion that's why they industry is also catering to their needs. In 2017, men's fashion wear is among the hot products to sell that primarily includes bracelets and cufflinks. The social media is also playing its part in reaching out customers with bold and elegant styles in bracelets as men use to search such products on their favorite social site and place orders right away. Unlike other products, these are rarely searched on the search engines.

11. Baby shoes

Baby shoesBaby items are among the top trending products of eCommerce industry because the parents are on the look of stylish and attractive items on social media as well as online stores. The British baby wear industry worth £5.6 billion, and as per Euromonitor, the market worth is expected to reach £5.9 billion by the year 2017. This exemplifies an increasing trend in baby wear not only in the UK but most of the European and American states. The local stores often fail to deliver a variety of shoes for newly born babies. This gap is filled by the eCommerce websites by offering some of the best products either manufactured by top brands or hand crafted traditional shoes. These are high in demand.

12. Leggings

LeggingsForbes reports a whopping sales figure of about $775 million of Lululemon Athletica – a brand dealing in sportswear like leggings and yoga pants – in the last quarter of 2016. It might surprise you, but leggings have become more of a fashion and sports item rather than just a protection from cold. Ladies love to have a set of leggings in their wardrobe so that they can have a variety to wear under a dress. The simple ones are still worn as under garments or exercise outfit, but the latest ones are printing with captivating designs to wear as a part of a dress. The printed leggings with decorative beads are among the best sellers.

13. Water proof phone casing

Water proof phone casingWater proof phone cases are helpful in allowing people to carry on pool side activities in summer without worrying about their valuable gadgets. Enjoying swimming with mates is a dream job in summer, but the unavailability of the protective casing may stop people from doing so. People find it amazing to keep their cell phone secure from water while hanging out in pools.

14. Rechargeable lighters

Rechargeable lightersA convention lighter lasts a week or two and then you have to recharge it with gas. What if you have to recharge it instantly through a USB charger and forget about gas? Here come the rechargeable lighters that are trending in line with e-lighters and other best products to sell online. These flameless lighters do not need fuel to light up your cigarettes. It works exactly the same way as a car lighter.

15. 3D Printers

3D PrintersWohlers’ reports in 2016 addresses that the 3d printing industry has crossed $5.1 billion total in sales. It says, in 2015 alone, about 278000 desktop 3d printers were sold out around the world, and the demand is rising every year. 3D printers have proved to be an innovative tool for the artists and craftsmen to try on printing three-dimensional objects. Previously, only the science and technology enthusiasts were interested to have such a printer, whereas the decline in its price has attracted more people as well. Parents and hobbyists also wish to have it for printing different objects for fun and entertainment. The availability of 3D printers in a different size, capacity, and the price is making it easier for the users to select the one they need and afford.

16. Charcoal face mask

Charcoal face maskSkincare is a major part of the beauty industry that expects to rack more than $130 billion by 2019. Being a multi billion market, it frequently experiences trends in skin care products. The charcoal face mask is one of the new product ideas these days for its natural ingredients and impressive output. It is manufactured from the extracts of activated charcoal and has become a mandatory mask for beauty professionals. These masks said to have healing skin by extracting the black heads without any side effects. A merchant can earn fair enough profit by selling charcoal mask these days.

17. Phone power banks

Phone power banksAccording to Zion Market Research, the global phone power bank market was evaluated as a $15 billion industry back in 2014, which is expected to jump up to $17 billion by 2020. Playing games, watching movies, and listening music are among the major culprits in battery draining. In the routine, a mobile user may not need a power bank as he or she has a defined routine and the battery lasts a day or two. But, it is a must have a gadget in long distance traveling. Phone power banks appeared in the market and get liked by many for allowing them to use a mobile device throughout their journey. These products come in a charging capacity of up to 1000mAh that are capable of recharging your phone and allowing it to use non-stop for days.

18. Enamel pins

Enamel pinsEnamel pins are favored the most these days by style centered people. These are cute, attractive, and adorable for men and women to wear for any purpose. Users can select from a great variety for wearing in routine or at a specific gathering. Professionals like to select enamels that represent their profession, interest, and country. For girls, it is a dream product for beautifying their bags. These are counted as the best selling products online for its popularity among masses.

19. Video Doorbells

Video DoorbellsIHS Markit, a company specializes in market statistics and information; foresee 28% annual growth in sales of Video Doorbells. The increasing security concerns of residential consumers results in the higher demand for these products. Video doorbells are getting famous for the ease of answering doorbells on your smart phone. This doorbell is quite different than the traditional ones because it has an HD camera and an app that connects to your mobile phone to let you know who is outside. It removes the struggle of leaving your comfort zone to know who is knocking the door. With an impressive night vision, the doorbell is quite a fascinating deal for the home owners to install.

20. Avocado oil

Avocado oilAvocado is one of the popular food supplements that are adopted by the entire health and beauty industry. The products that primarily use avocado oil as the main ingredient are numerous, but still, people like to cook their own recipe and have a customized diet place with this beneficial oil. The healing abilities of avocado are quite well known for improving hair growth, skin strengthening, losing weight, etc.

21. Fairy lights

Fairy lightsFairy lights are beautifully knitted LED bulbs that have become mandatory in decorating for different occasions. It is also among the top Christmas gifts whereas kids like to have it for birthdays and casual gatherings at home. These lights are not confined to indoor decorations as the outdoors partying can also become enchanting with these fairy lights.

22. LED skin treatment

LED skin treatmentTransparency Market Research (TMR) has compiled a report that expects the revenue by skin care devices to be $17.3 billion by 2023. And, a major portion of the skin care industry includes therapies through LED devices. LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are the demanding products to sell for its better performance in return of consuming less energy. But, recently, these have proved highly effective for the skin care industry. Various dermatologists are utilizing products with LEDs for treating different skin impairments. Consumers find it quite a fascinating alternative for the conventional and hard to follow procedures in removing acnes and wrinkles. Merchants can easily promote these products for painless skin treatment and earn a marginal profit.

23. Highlighter – cosmetics

Highlighter – cosmeticsHighlighters were in fashion for decades, but the recent surge is seen because of the increasing trend of taking selfies. In the UK alone, it was speculated that about 758,000 women have used highlighters once or twice a day in the year of 2016. This results in an impressive number of ladies who are using these beauty products in routine.
Additionally, the online female users are obsessed to post perfect selfies on their Facebook and Instagram accounts without using filters that’s why they need to use highlighters. Women are obsessed with these products to look picture perfect without camera filters.

24. Dad Hats

Dad HatsIt is a norm in a fashion industry to revive some of old styles and designs time and again. The same happened with Dad hats. These hats were liked the most in the 90s but were abandoned later. Dad hats came into the limelight again in the year 2012 and is trending high since then. The online sellers can find it highly profitable by showcasing a good variety of dad hats in different material and designs. Allowing customers to personalize the design can also prove helpful in increasing revenues.

25. Wooden watches

Wooden watchesIn continuation with nature’s theme, manufacturers have introduced wood watches that are catching the buyers’ eye. The idea of manufacturing wrist watches with the beauty of wood is not new, but companies have finally launched an appealing product line and the consumers are passionately chasing them. To sell stuff online, one must come up with products that catch users’ attention at a glance. And, a wooden watch is one of those appealing store items.


The Internet has brilliantly created business opportunities for people across the globe to come up with amazing products and promote it to the world at large. Now, merchants are not restricted to operate in a territory as they can reach to any customer regardless of caste, color, and ethnicity. Select the most demanding products, find your concerned community on the internet, and start making profits.

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