Top 5 WooCommerce Registration Plugins Not to Miss

WooCommerce is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, which gained popularity over the years. The Automattic Inc, founder of WordPress, has continuously made improvements to the platform, due to which, many website owners prefer WooCommerce as their ultimate platform for setting up an online store. WooCommerce is highly salable. It fulfills the requirements according to the needs of the clients and businesses. It is an open-source platform that gives you the freedom to customize the code as per your needs. Additionally, you can add third party WooCommerce extensions according to the functionality you need.

Making the users easily create their accounts for swift checkout and keeping their orders and personal detail secure on your website, you may need to modify or optimize the registration form. Just like the rest of the CMS and eCommerce systems, WordPress may also require you to alter the sign-up form by code. It is quite difficult and time consuming. However, with a quick plugin install, you can have this functionality with a few clicks.

In this post, I am highlighting some of the best WooCommerce Registration plugins you may need to consider installing from.

1. Extendons' WooCommerce Registration Plugin

WooCommerce registration plugin helps you to customize registration page by adding 12 different types of fields.This plugin allows you to make the fields mandatory or you can also hide the fields. The 12 types of fields are Text area, Text box, Select box, Checkbox, Multi-select box, Radio button, Time picker, Date Picker, Password, File or image upload, Color Picker (New), Numeric Field (New), and Google ReCaptcha (New).

WooCommerce registration form plugin allows you to edit fields of the signup form. You can also add conditional fields that display the new fields when specific condition is met. You can drag and drop the fields in the customer registration page. Customer can also login through Facebook and Twitter account.

2. User Registration by WPEverest

WPEverest allow you to add free registration extension at your backend store. User registration plugin provide you to create simplest and easy login and registration forms. You can also drag and drop fields to maintain the sequence of any registration form. You can create as many registration fields according to your requirement there is no limit on the number of forms. User registration extension allows you to make forms in multiple columns. We know that everyone hate spammer that’s why we have also Google reCaptcha which support your registration forms. User registration form plugin also enable email notification to notify users and admin on new registration.You can also translate form in your native language.

3. Registration Magic Plugin

Magic plugin is used to create customized user registration forms. Registration Magic is best plugin that give you complete authentication of user registrations on your website. With this extension,you can create different WordPress registration forms for users. Front end user registration area allows your users to login, reset the password and other required transaction. You can also monitor new incoming submissions and activities from dashboard. You can also add WooCommerce billing and shipping fields to your registration form. This is the only registration for you will ever need.

4. WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin by Extendons

WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin allows eCommerce website owners to add fields in registration form to get extra information from customers. You can add 12 types of fields in this plugin. You can add fields such as Text area, Textbox, select box, Checkbox, Multi-select box, Radio button, Time Picker, Date picker, Password, File or Image upload etc. WooCommerce registration fields plugin allows you to edit the signup form. You can also make the fields compulsory or optional from the backend. You can drag and drop the fields in the customer registration page. Drag and Drop fields make it easier to control the user registration form fields. Customer can also login through Facebook and Twitter account.

5. Pie WordPress Registration Plugin by Genetech

Pie Registration plugin is very easy to use simple just drag and drop the new fields to create impressive user registration forms for users to register on your blog or website. Pie registration forms are responsive which means it 100 percent working on mobile, desktop, and tablets.User can only register when you send them invitation. Google reCaptcha is enabled to secure from spammers. Two steps verification by email and by SMS. You can also hide or show fields according to users input.  You can allow your site or blog users to login through social accounts like, Facebook, twitter, or yahoo etc. Pie Registration provides premium support directly from the development team.

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