Top Programming Questions and Answers regarding Magento and WordPress

It has been seen that lot of Magento and WordPress customers or programmers having issues on their eCommerce website. That is why they are asking for solutions on Magento, WordPress, and other community forums to resolve their website issues. In this article FMEAddons has mentioned 6 questions regarding and their answers as well, the answers provided in this article has given by to programmers and do not represent us. These are the following top most asked questions with their respective answer.

Question No. 1

A user is looking for an extension which can help him to import customers, orders, and products on his e-store.


You can use WooCommerce CSV import extension by FMEAddons to import the list of customers, orders, and products in a zip file on your e-store. You can also export these in excel file at the backend of your e-store by using this extension.

Question No. 2

A user is using WordPress of his website, after updating to latest version, the drop-down menus of his website are not working properly.


Please use this CSS code if you are using WordPress 4.7 by using custom CSS option in the customizer.

.main-navigation .sub-menu, .main-navigation .children {

top: 38px;


You can also use this code if your website theme has an option of custom CSS.

Question No. 3

A user has a WordPress website and wants to switch his hosting which can give him good website loading speed. Now he wants a list of hosting provider recommended for WordPress.


You can visit this link to see the best hosting providers recommended for WordPress.

Here is the link:

Question No. 4

A user is using Tesseract theme on his WordPress website and facing issue regarding his featured image. His featured image gets the shade when he put on the header of his website and he wants to remove the shade of the featured image.


Please look for the line no 229 in you CSS to remove the shade.

background-color: #000;

Use this code

.entry-background:before {

content: '';

height: 100%;

left: 0;

opacity: .4;

filter: alpha(opacity=40);

position: absolute;

width: 100%;

top: 0;


Question No. 5

A user has a Magento website and wants to add two buttons on all his product pages, buy now button and add to cart button.


You can use this addon “Buy Now” available on GitHub to add the buy now and add to cart buttons on product pages.

Here is the link to this extension:

Just download and install it. After installation copies it your Magento website.

phpbin/magento cache:clean

phpbin/magento setup:upgrade

You can use below code if this code doesn’t work.

phpbin/magento setup:di:compile


Question No. 6

A user is facing an issue in Upload/Browse button in his Magento website, as these buttons are not showing up on the website.


Please check the system log file of your website and revert the patch. Also, update your system cache file.

Install WooCommerce CSV Import Extension on Your Website 

import export

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