Weekly Magento Recap - 17th to 23rd Oct 2016

Every day, there is something new to hear about the advancement in the Magento platform. The developers, agencies and the official forums are contributing a lot to make it the friendliest e-commerce platform for the end users. Following are some of the news updates around the world that focus on sharing and learning from the vast community.

Merchants to sell more with Frequently Bought Together App

Frequently bought together Magento extension is launched to help merchants sell more products to their customers while they check out for a product. This application lets the customers know what products are ordered in combination to the one they are interested. In result, the customer may add more products to the cart.

FMEaddons is one of the prestigious companies to contribute to the Magento community by crafting open source plugins that are helpful merchants, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and other service providers. The applications are developed with a passion for solving a problem through innovation and bringing in more revenue to the company. The Frequently Bought Together extension interestingly communicates relevant products to the end consumers so that they are not annoyed by the promotional efforts.

Meet Magento Event in Paris

Paris and other European countries are actively participating in sharing knowledge and expertise with the community members. And, that is the reason Magento is arranging official events consecutively from the past three years.

Meet Magento Paris will be held on 25th of October which is supposed to be another knowledge sharing get together of top industry professionals, successful entrepreneurs, merchants, sales experts, and the developer's community. These events are organized to develop the concept of helping the people who share the same interest, working in the industry and facing common problems.

More than 500 participants are expected to attend the event and discuss the latest trends to follow and achieve success in promoting their products. It will be a great opportunity for web developers and agencies to rack their software, themes, and plugins to the merchants against each challenge they face to reach the audience, convert them into customers and provide a useful shopping platform.

Google Shopping to promote Magento stores

Google Shopping is a prominent platform that allows the buyers to search products from different online stores, compare the prices and go for the one that fits in their budget. Recently, Google Shopping has partnered with 5 eCommerce platforms to help the merchants to start promoting their websites. The Magento merchants are among the 5 approved sellers who are granted the access to a wider audience of Google Shopping.

The online stores that are finding new ways to increase the reach of their customer base or any startup that aims to target a large group of users in the upcoming fall season can simply add their products to the Google Shopping along with the required information and get instant exposure. It is one of the magical tools for merchants to reach millions of users who visit the platform to browse and purchase the exciting products. Getting listed on such a highly converting medium is done with a few clicks now.

Merchants to easily integrate Magento with Convert

Convert Experiences is a world renowned company for its premium A/B testing software. It has recently partnered with Magento to quickly integrate convert.com into their websites and easily carrying on the A/B testing.

It will require installing simple software and configuring immediately to the webshop. The users will be given a free trial for 15 days, whereas they can opt for a monthly package according to the nature of their business. For starters, it may cost $499 per month.

Magento is successfully helping brands, manufacturing and retailers to promote their products, whereas the easy integration of convert.com will further assist them in tracking the performance. The simple, easy to use and detail insights make it a promising tool for store managers. They can continue with the personalization options to get reports for the metrics they are more passionate about. Convert.com is an established business that is helping a thousand of users with testing and evaluating the performance of their products and enjoy the enhance conversion rates.

Roy Rubin is now a member of the Magento Board of Directors

Roy Rubin, a visionary entrepreneur, the previously held CEO and Co-Founder of Magento Commerce has become has rejoined the company as a member of the board of directors. He is one of eCommerce industry experts who have hands-on knowledge of the core business.

The online businesses grow exponentially by innovating products according to the market trends, clients needs and seeking partnership. The Magento partnership with eBay was beneficial initially to sustain in the competitive business, whereas after the separation, Magento has made primary changes to the platform. The major investments were made in bringing up the latest version for more than 250,000 online businesses, introducing cloud-based edition and the Magento Commerce Order Management.

These innovations have made the company a top-notch eCommerce platform for businesses this year and getting fame globally among the enterprises that are either having a B2B or B2C model. On this happy occasion, Roy Rubin stated he is excited after rejoining the company and seeking further advancement of the platform.

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