Weekly Magento Recap – What Was Hot Last Week?

Magento is all in one e-commerce platform that continues its struggle towards improvement and enhancement to deliver the most efficient business presence to the merchants. It boasts a huge community of developers and business managers, who keenly interact with each other to have a friendly shopping store for the end consumer. To update you with what’s happening around the globe within the specific community of Magento stakeholders, we are going to highlight some of the major highlights and advancements in this post.


A momentous event is going to be arranged for all the entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic to take their businesses to the next level by unleashing the advanced features of Magento 2. They can have a get together with the local developers and successful businessmen to groom their ideas and talk about the problems they are facing while reaching a target audience.

This mega event is scheduled on 7-8 November this year in Sydney, Australia.

The event is going to reveal some of the really significant e-commerce strategies that may help you to foresee an impressively marvelous success in future. An attendant can avail the following benefits out of the gathering.

  • Meeting and learning from the Magento experts that primarily includes developers, designing agencies, and merchants.
  • Interacting with Magento official representatives to know about the trends and statistics that are going to govern the future of eCommerce
  • Knowing the deep insights to craft strategies that are the most effective ones for your business in the changing environment of the Magento

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Nexcess has announced a friendly sponsorship with Magento Live for the upcoming event in Sydney Australia.

Nexcess is among the official partners of Magento and delivers viable solutions to merchants around the globe. In line with the promotion of Magento technology, they have also opted to sponsor the event that further facilitates merchants of the locality.

The Magento Live Australia event is not limited to facilitating business owners in Australia only, as it outreaches the Asia-Pacific community and aims to benefit the entire community working in China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore.

The conference is said to be held on 7 and 8 November in Sydney. It will serve as a knowledge hub because technology giants like agencies, Magento officials, and merchants are going to attend the conference. They will share their opinion, expertise and some of the fruitful strategies to take an online business to success. Stay connected to grab the hands-on expertise of the industry professionals.



Faith Connexion, being a reliable fashion brand that is frequently famous in boutiques and stores around the US, Europe, and Asia, has switched to the latest version of Magento. This grand move was carried out by Corra – which have got the distinction of rebranding a fashion business with the latest available technology.

It took 3 months for the Corra team to design and implement the platform and host it over Magento Enterprise 2.1 and Magento Cloud. Vicki Yang is the head of eCommerce at Faith Connexion reported that their staff members are excited about the rebranding of their website and they love it.

The brilliant launch of the website symbolizes that Corra has got the expertise in migrating clients smoothly from the older version and let them utilize the tools and functionalities added to the latest version. It is considered to be a very impressive milestone achieved by a top brand that may pave the way for further adoption of the Magento 2 platform.



Magento Commerce (MC), which is leading the cloud-based commerce solution, has announced the launch of a holiday dashboard for Magneto merchants across the globe. The dashboard is said to facilitate merchants in increasing holiday and seasonal sales and perform a comparative analysis with industry standards. The dashboard will take into account the live data and report it directly to the store managers so that they can take decisions in the best interest of their business.

Merchants can have a clear view of the holiday campaigns and sales with the help of could analytics. In addition to the informational and effective dashboard technology, Magento has also introduced Holiday Benchmark that reports the entire data about trends for comparison with competitors and improving performance. The benchmark reports that merchants are likely to gain 59% more clientage in the holidays than the normal days. Among these sales, most of the customers do not return for more shopping.  So, the dashboard can help them understand user behavior and serve them accordingly.

Key benefits of implementing Magento holiday dashboard are;

  • Acquiring more customers by recognizing the most effective channels that are bringing in holidays customers and focusing it on higher results.
  • Retaining customers by reaching them out in good moods makes the email marketing campaigns more effective and beneficial.
  • Enhancing productivity by helping your staff with real-time details about the customers so that they can deliver their best.
  • Gaining insights and marketing trends with the help of Magento Holiday Benchmark.

The lucrative feature behind Magento Holiday Dashboard is the powerful analytics that is developed by RJMetrics which has recently joined the Magento group.


Developer Max Bucknell talked about the future of Magento 2

Max Bucknell is a renowned full stack developer and likes to give an opinion based on his expertise and users' response. Here are brief highlights what he shared in an interview.

Opinion about the Meet Magento event in Poland

In the recent event, it was concluded that people are less familiar with Magento 2 and less interested in learning it. The report shows that the community needs a lot of effort to remove doubts and make it easier for the merchants to switch to the vibrant version. The use of JavaScript has created complexities for the end user which will be solved sooner or later.

Magento trends in 2017 and after years

Magento 2 is still rolling in the market and the merchants are gradually accepting it. The most striking feature of this latest version is the API which it allows merchants to easily integrate a store with different channels.

The developers are also taking it to the next level by creating applications and Magento extensions to boost revenue, conversion and user experience of the e-commerce websites. The third party applications will supplement the fame and success of the platform in future.

The skills a developer will need to acquire

Technology changes at a higher speed and to succeed in such a fast-paced world, the developers need to continue polishing their skills and acquire a new one. For Magento 2, they will be required to know the fundamentals of the platform, changes in the JavaScript, and PHP for customization.

Max Bucknell suggests developers to master the skills in order to meet clients’ requirements of customizing the online store or creating an extension from scratch.


Magento has an extensive community around the globe and every community member is contributing towards its improvement. The development continues in terms of gatherings, seminars, and conferences. Get in touch to get more updates about the Magento community.

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