Weekly Magento Recap - 26 September to 2 October

Magento is going great by adding prominent corporate concerns as partners to facilitate the community of developers as well the merchants. The platform is expanding to explore the possibilities in eCommerce and tackle the latest challenges that are faced by the key stakeholders in a more effective way. Here is a quick roundup of the news and happenings around the world with respect to Magento.

The ‘Meet Magento Fall’ has arrived

This October is the most promising month for Magento because six Meet Magento (MM) events are scheduled in a single row in different cities, where multicultural communities are going to share their experiences with one another. The series will start with the event in New York, which will then proceed to Athens, Greece and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The events in these three cities will take place on 5th, 12th, and 15th of October respectively.

These events are said to be focused on educating the stakeholders with the stories shared by business leaders of the top notch brands. The NY event will be an unforgettable event for CEOs, Store managers, Sales executives, developers and other key personnel who are connected with the Magento platform.

It will be a huge success for the entire community as they can learn from well-experienced businessmen and discuss the problems they are facing as an individual or generally as a Magento user. The community can also explore plugins from different partners and affiliates. One of the most recommended resources for enhancing the functionality of an eCommerce website is Magento Extensions by FMEAddons. These events are very helpful for the community members to interact with professional developers, agencies, and entrepreneur and find new resources for their upcoming projects.

Magento transforms eCommerce experience in partnership with Adobe


Magento Commerce, one of the leading solution providers in cloud digital commerce, join hands with Adobe to equip merchants with a more diverse designing opportunities. It was announced in a Digital Summit event on Shop.org

Merchants can now avail ultra dynamic design capabilities of Adobe along with the flexible tools of Magento, which will allow them to enhance user engagement and boost sales. The CEO of Magento Commerce, Mark Lavelle, argued that business managers can combine the flexibility of an eCommerce platform with these impressive tools to personalize their online venture and stand apart from the competitors. Most of the stores have a common platform and extensions which make it difficult for a consumer to differentiate between them. Store owners can have a marvelous appearance and distinct appearance in the industry with the help of advanced designing tools.

To make the changes take effect, Adobe and Magento have added a prebuilt integration framework that allows the Adobe Analytics, Target and Experience Manager to share data with order management and Magento Digital Commerce. This innovative solution is available to the merchants worldwide and to help them easily implement it in their stores, Magento and Adobe have assisted some of the companies to guide their clients implement the change easily.

Magento has become a leading eCommerce platform in Europe


It is a good omen for the Magento Community to know how the latest version is leading the eCommerce environment in European countries. With the launch of Magento 2.0, merchants are provided with all the basic tools they need to start an online store and continue making profits without asking developers for adding functionality.

The developer’s community that is residing in European countries has an overwhelming response by merchants who want to base their stores on the latest available platform and additional tools of Magento. Furthermore, the recently published list about 500 top internet retailers in Europe this year also includes 53 businesses that still proud to have Magento.

The recent inclination of merchants towards the Magento is because of updated version that is said to be more powerful, innovative and useful for the businesses out there. The downloads have reached to 350,000 whereas there are more than 2400 eCommerce websites that are updated with the latest tools. With the launch of Magento 2.0, the company aims to deliver top class tools that include

  • Magneto Enterprise Cloud Edition
  • Magento 2.1
  • Magento Order Management
  • Official Magento extension store

The advanced tools are available in the free version which is also a core reason for the open acceptance of a variety of businesses. The eCommerce website development experts also recommend this platform to store managers and business aspirants to have a stable and impressive website that no longer needs modifications and updates.

Research highlights scam alert for Magento users

Zscaler is a prominent research institute that reports a scam alert in Magento. The kind of scam is done by acquiring credit card information from the eCommerce websites and then using it for online purchases. In the past three months, hackers have attacked more than 400 retail sites that are based on Magneto software. It is done by injecting a harmful JavaScript to an eCommerce site which directs users to a fraudulent payment page. They steal the financial information as a user enters it.

The Zscaler reports that both the community and enterprise edition of Magento are exposed to these threats. The malicious code is said to be added to the older version of Magento i.e. 1.9.  The content management systems are continuously attacked by hackers and cyber criminals, but lesser know how these attacks are going to infect the website.

Merchants need to equip their online stores with reliable and powerful security tools. Zscaler continues to monitor these threats and scam, whereas store managers are advised to regularly update the security software they have in place.

Magento aims to make the certification program more accessible



Magento Certifications were introduced to equip the developer community with advanced skills and certify them with an authentic certificate, which will help them to show their affiliation with Magento. Currently, more than 6,000 professionals are certified worldwide and are assisting merchants in achieving their sales and revenue targets.

With the completion of more than 1.5 million hours of training, Magento has now partnered with Kryterion, which is one of the reliable online exam monitoring service providers, to streamline the certification by training more developers and add them to the community.

The partnership is said to be more fruitful for the developers as the growing network will allow them to take exams at the nearest center. In addition to the on-premise testing, the online channels will be utilized soon for the delivering of training and taking exams.

Furthermore, the candidates are also given the opportunity to extract and print their certifications directly from their Magento accounts. It will ease them to showcase their expertise in the eCommerce development as soon as they pass the exam, rather than waiting for the certificate to arrive via the mail. Kryterion is about to open up exam registration for Magento certifications from 1st of October 2016, which is going to facilitate the entire community.


The aim of this weekly roundup is to keep you updated about the advancement in the field of eCommerce and the way merchants are accepting Magento 2.0 for their commercial activities. Indeed, the latest version is all set to empower the online stores with advanced features to create ease and comfort for the end consumer, and ensure the security of their valuable information.

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