WooCommerce 3.0 Update – What is So Special For The Merchants?

WooCommerce is expanding rapidly across the WordPress and the web. It has captured a fair market share in empowering eCommerce websites to go live in the best possible and simple way. Today, when we need to talk about an eCommerce platform, WooCommerce comes first to our mind for two reasons.

At first, it allows the users to turn their simple WordPress website into a full-fledged shopping store. And, secondly, it has proved to be an appealing alternative to complex and heavily programmed eCommerce platforms. In addition to a collection WooCommerce plugins, you can avail an overwhelming support from its developers’ community as well. In light of these achievements, WooCommerce is offering continuous support through its latest application updates.

The WooCommerce 3.0 is the latest version that is optimized for better performance and lots of valued features. With the new features, merchants can avail some of the advanced options without installing plugins or modify the code. Following in the post, you can found the added attraction of the latest version in detail.

- Enhanced Product Gallery

WooCommerce 3.0 comes with an appealing feature of product gallery that is allowing merchants to improve the display of their products. It makes the product images and videos mobile friendly, and include zoom and gallery view features.

How improved product gallery benefits a website?

Every product page of an eCommerce website needs a visual form of content to easily grab users’ attention. With this improved functionality, merchants can dignify landing pages. The mobile responsive design improves user experience as they can tap to view the image, swipe to find more products or pinch to zoom in. With this, a user has the freedom to view a product in detail regardless of the device they are using to browse your store.

- Improved Performance

WooCommerce is committed to achieving excellence in improving the performance of online stores. The small business may not find it attractive, as they have a limited number of products and categories. But, a multiregional store always pursues a high-performance platform.

The latest version of WooCommerce is equipped with numerous performance enhancements. These changes are said to be of a considerable importance for large enterprises that have listed hundreds of products on your eCommerce website. the improvements you need to be conscious about in this update includes,

  • New taxonomies to ascertain product visibility, distinguish featured products, and notify out of stock items.
  • A decreased number of queries for highlighting related products on landing pages and checkout pages.

These are some of the improvements that are made to the WooCommerce 3.0 as you can view the entire list on in the official documentation.

- Finest Mobile Touch

The online industry is getting ready to grab the market through mobile eCommerce, because of the excessive searches through mobile devices. The end users feel comfortable to shop around the websites that provide them finest mobile touch support.

The websites that are not compatible with touch screen technology are suffering a loss which may increase sooner. WooCommerce 3 is addressing these issues with its finest solution. It is allowing the merchants and sellers across the globe to step ahead of their competitors in allow advanced features for the mobile commerce. It improves the shopping experience by allowing the users to view the website content in detail with different gestures. For example, pinch to zoom in or out, swipe to scroll the page down, or click the image for a full-screen display.

Final Thoughts

The improvements discussed in this post are few of major changes; whereas the list goes on to facilitate the developers, WordPress enthusiasts, website administrators and the shop owners. The recent update is simplifying managing an eCommerce website with the introduction of the built-in features. If you are curious to know the rest of the enhancements, you can study them at the official website and documentation of WooCommerce.

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