10 Reasons Why An Ecommerce Website Should Have A Blog

It is the age knowledge. Having a blog means sharing information and knowledge. For an ecommerce website, a blog helps driving website traffic and improves conversions. True that! Sharing knowledge with prospects and customers means telling them how expert you are in your field and how updated you are with the latest industry knowledge. Mostly, ecommerce websites do not have their own blog, but having an influential one is critical to impress search engines and the users. Why ecommerce websites should have a blog. This piece of writing will reveal top reasons. Read and start setting up your blog if your ecommerce website does not have any.

1. Blog Helps Impressing Search Engines

Search engines, like Google, hunt for fresh content. Whenever new content is added to a website, the crawlers become active. Adding more content to an ecommerce website means search engines will index your website more, which will help climbing up the ranking ladder. Higher ranks at search engines help getting more site traffic, hence more conversions. Use trending keywords in your blog posts.

Sharing blog posts at social media channels means winning more genuine backlinks. All these things will give your SEO efforts a real boost.

2. Blog Helps Establishing You As An Industry Expert

Sharing knowledge through website blogs means establishing your image as an industry expert. Include tips, tricks, How-tos, tutorials, and news to make your blog attractive for the targeted audience. Whatever information you share, focus the branding of your ecommerce business. Add value to the life of customers with unique content.

3. Blog Helps Engaging Customers

Use your ecommerce website blog to get engaged with your customers. You can post photos and videos or share an experience. The videos could be related to the products you are selling at your store. Audience-relevant content is also good to share at the blog. Ask for suggestions or contribution from other experts of the industry. It will add worth to your website.

4. Blog Helps Announcing News And Updates

A blog can be an excellent place to make announcements whether these are news or updates about the company. You can announce any discounts or promotions offered, or launch of any new product.

5. Blog Helps Improving Conversions

A frequently updated ecommerce blog helps increasing the site traffic and hence improving the conversions. Making you credible in the ecommerce industry, a blog can help improving the confidence of your customers in your business.

6. Blog Helps Building Online Community

Allowing customers to comment on blog posts means inviting them to become part of the online community. Make it sure that every comment is being replied in a timely manner. You can take hold of all the comments before they go live at your blog. Be friendly and helpful while commenting.

7. Blog Helps Building Brand Loyalty

Although, you might be offering the best products, but there are fewer repeat customers, which means brand loyalty is missing. A blog can help building brand loyalty provided the content shared over there is fresh, informative, fun-filled, and relevant. Getting connected with some charity work is also encouraging for the customers because they prefer supporting businesses with such a noble cause. It is another brand loyalty-building ingredient.

8. Blog Helps Going Viral

Use social sharing buttons at your ecommerce website blog. As people will share your posts with others on social media, it is not just the posts, but your business will go viral. It might not be millions of users, reading your posts, but a wide range of target audience, provided you remain consistent in posting.

9. Blog Supports Social Media Marketing

The unique URL of a blog post can be used for different marketing efforts. Like or share button along with blog posts expandsthe social media reach of your ecommerce business. Add buttons for linking back to your business profiles at social media, which will help winning over more fans and followers.

Blog Serves As A Free Marketing Platform

With blog, you can promote your business effectively. You will not have to spend extra on this mode of marketing. Such marketing remains effective over the months and years. You have to spend time on creating a post only and organic traffic will come naturally.

After discussing the reasons to run a blog at your ecommerce website, now come to the ideas that you can use while contributing at your blog.

  • Share secrets of your industry, but do research before making any revelations.
  • Give strengths why customers should prefer you.
  • Share your business history.
  • Share any new developments in your industry.
  • Offer useful piece of advice on your products and those of others your target audience is interested to know about.

If you do not have a blog at your ecommerce store, start working on it right now. If your ecommerce website is built on opencart, you can use our Opencart Blog Module for a quick and hassle-free installation.

If you have a blog active at your ecommerce website, share your experience or any suggestions to improve that and make that conversion-friendly.

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