Winners of the Internet - Eye-opening Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

The internet was introduced as the fastest way of communication where companies used the email system, while the common men enjoyed different chatting platforms. Back a few decades, it was hard to speculate the excessive use of the internet for the majority of the people because you would have to acquire a desktop or laptop PC, arrange dial up connection, and learn how to operate. But today, the ease of tapping the mobile screens and handheld gadgets has simplified access the internet and browsing websites for everyone.

The increasing development in technology has compelled everyone to try finding things on the internet according to the internet. Jobless are finding employment opportunities, merchants are hunting for buyers, and entertainers are striving hard to reach their desired audiences. And the companies have started a struggle of creating networks of users in terms of buyers, viewers, readers, and followers. The company with a higher number of following and active users is considered winners for influencing the masses with their products and services. This infographic lists some of the eye-opening statistics about the modern day internet winners.

Winners on internet

Google Tops in Amassing Huge Web Traffic

Google, being among the pioneering web companies, is attracting about 3150.01 Billion visitors a month for its sophisticated search engine. It is followed by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, which is serving more than 110.14 billion users a month, whereas Facebook has a user interaction of 73.43 million.

Internet Users Like to Spend Most of Their Time on Social Networks

YouTube, being a prominent video sharing network, leads in making the users spend 40 minutes a day, whereas Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram are also among the frequently used social networks. In addition to entertainment, users are also using social media to follow educational and career oriented profiles.

Facebook Messenger Has the Most Downloads

Among the social media applications, Facebook messenger exceeds the number of downloads. It is dominating all other applications that could be mainly because Facebook is the biggest with an active user base of around 2000 million.
The Internet is a parallel world to the one we live in. It has created endless opportunities for various fields and industries. To be the winner, you need to select a market or industry you are good at and deliver the best you can. The winners, the well-established companies discussed in this infographic, may seem to be giants today, but they have started from zero. Commitment, hard work, and struggle in the right direction can empower you to make your dreams come true, and achieve the goals people were mocking at.

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