WordPress 4.2 Version Is Live With Exciting New Features

WordPress has released its latest version WordPress 4.2 and it is ready to download. The new launch is titled as Powell, after Bud Powell, jazz pianist. There are several new exciting features in the WP 4.2 version. Whether you decide to update the existing version of WP or not, know the added features at least.

Press This

This feature allows easy and quick sharing of content from other sources onto the WordPress site. There are new improvements brought to Press This browser bookmarklet.

Support For New Languages

The new version of WordPress has added language support, including new characters of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages. There are hieroglyphs, mathematical, and musical symbols in WordPress 4.2.


You can use your favorite emoji on WordPress now. For that, you have to edit special characters. You can directly use them through keyboard if you are using a mobile device to write a post.

Better Preview Of The New WP Theme

Before making any WordPress theme live, better have a preview. See how it looks and what to change before making the final product live.

Support For Embeds

You can easily embed content from sites like Tumbler and Kickstarter onto the WP site. What you have to do is paste the link carrying content into the content editor.

Are you ready to download WordPress 4.2 version or update your existing WP site and install new Wordpress plugins? Do it for enhanced functionalities and improved website performance, as ensured by WordPress.

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