15 Thought-Provoking Statistics about Mobile Commerce - Infographic

Mobile commerce has redefined the way consumers buy products and services online. Back a decade, talking about online shopping through a mobile device was a dream that is turned into a reality with rapid technological development.

Today, we have a variety of smart phones with easy internet connecting, and mobile friendly eCommerce platforms. In result, the mobile user-base has surmounted the desktop users. The marketingland reports that the top eCommerce websites are experiencing about 55% of web traffic is through mobile users, whereas the remaining 45% of the traffic comprises the rest of the devices.

The Trinity Digital Marketing company publishes in a report that more than 1.2 billion users like to access the internet daily. This depicts the exponential growth of mobile phone devices and its hassle free connectivity.

The infographic is composed of some fascinating facts about the increasing trend of mobile commerce. Follow below to quickly read through these statistics.

15 Thought-Provoking Statistics about Mobile Commerce                                                                                                 Published by FME Addons

33% of eCommerce is Powered by Mobiles

People love to search and buy their favorite products online through their handheld devices. A report by Internet Retailer reveals that one-third (about 33%) of the eCommerce is managed by mobiles. The experts have explored a steep increase in mobile users across the USA, whereas Asian markets are rapidly growing in m-commerce these days. Some of the regions in Asia are celebrating about 250% mobile shopping increase in just 24 months.

Mobile Commerce is Itself Emerging a Billion Dollar Industry

In the USA alone, m-commerce amasses $100 billion business a year. The revenue collection of online stores through mobile devices is expected to increase continuously over the coming years. The top 500 mobile retailers have also experienced an increased growth of up to 68% just in 2015. As soon as new mobile devices are introduced and countries are moving to a faster internet connection, the figures are expected to grow rapidly.

iPhone Leads M-Commerce for Yielding Higher Conversion Values

The market is saturated with an enormous variety of smartphones and mobile gadgets, but iPhone is leading the mobile commerce industry by yielding higher conversion values. iPhone tops with a conversion value of $117.6, Android being the second contestant earns $117.1 while Windows brings in $100.91 conversion value.

Buyers are Availing the Ease of Paying Through Smartphones

Payment an eCommerce website online was a big question mark, but the reliability of payment gateways and secure website connections has gained consumer trust in paying through any method they are comfortable. About 19% of online transactions are performed through mobile devices and it is expected to reach 27% by 2018 which is a good sign for the m-commerce retailers.

Mobile devices have facilitated users to search for their favorite brands, find reliable stores, and pay through e-wallets, and get them delivered at home. Unlike the personal computers, they have the ease of placing orders without leaving their comfort zone or browsing products on the go.

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