5 Strategies To Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

Earning from affiliate marketing is gaining boom because it does not involve any investment and extensive efforts. FMEAddons is also launching its exciting affiliate program to help online business owners make extra bucks. If your referral makes a purchase at FMEAddons, you will get upto 25% share in fair manner.

How to attract users while using referral links? Here are mentioned few strategies to help you out in easy moneymaking.

1. Use Your Writing Skills

If you can write unique content, you can take great advantage of our affiliate program. If you own your own blog, write about the topics like Magento, Opencart, Joomla, or any other ecommerce platform and link to FMEAddons where there are plenty of extensions, themes, and modules available.

If you are writing for some other’s blog, seek permission before using any referral link. Most of the site owners do not allow such thing, so better to ask than annoying them. Instead of targeting 2-3 services at once, better to stick to one service at a time.

2. Feature An Item Using Referral Link

Feature an item using the referral link, which could be a sidebar widget, a tweet, or a post. Pick the extension or item which is of users’ interest. Be clear about what you are promoting and do not ignore the usefulness aspect.

3. Use Banner Ads To Refer Visitors

Using banner Ads at your website could be an effective approach to attract referrals. However, the condition is the banner type and the position should be appropriate. Use banners given at our Referral Program page to make money.

Avoid using too much Ads and cluttering the page because it will make the banner advertisement less effective. 1-2 Ads per page are enough to grab the attention of the targeted referrals.

The prominent position of the banner ads is above the fold, which means a place that could be seen without scrolling. It all depends on the screen size and resolution. 1280×1024 is the standard resolution; however, widescreen resolutions are also becoming popular.

4. Drop A Text Ad

If you do not want to go for banner ads, then use text ads to promote our referral link. The text ad could be dropped into the sidebar of your site or in different content sections. Make it sure that the text ads are brief and descriptive of the referral link. After writing the ad, link all or part of the ad copy with our referral link. Better to write the ad copy while considering the target audience in mind.

5. Use Forum Signatures

It is another strategy to promote our referral link. Use forum signature where you are posting on. However, the forum should be relevant to the service you are promoting. Better to become a trusted member of the forum before you go for using forum signatures carrying referral link. If someone asks about help or about a place where to buy certain items, and it is about the one you are promoting, pop in and share the link. A genuine sharing at the right time would not be felt bad.

These are few strategies to help increasing your earnings through our affiliate program. What do you say? Become our affiliate, share your experience, and help others to earn without extensive efforts!

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