9 Compelling Reasons to Build a Store on WooCommerce

Going live with your amazing products and services requires wise selection of a platform that sets the foundation of your business. WooCommerce proves to be a reliable base for assuring a smooth and hassle free online exposure through its simple and easy user interface, instantly set up and affordability.

Every business or a startup company has to face a challenging scenario that may not exactly match the situations of another business in the same field or industry. You will have to allocate funds, define products and services, and recognize the target audience, which can become the basis for the selection of an eCommerce platform.

WooCommerce is increasingly famous among retailers, service providers and businessmen as it requires them to install a single plugin and transform a simple website into an eCommerce one. Utilize the available resources and step ahead for customized themes and WooCommerce plugins by FmeAddons that perfectly suits your business specific needs. No need to pay the fee or buy enterprise edition to avail the added features. For your understandings, here are some of the compelling reasons to prefer WooCommerce over others.

1. It cost you nothing

Most of the platforms for eStores either require you to pay a membership fee or installation and setting up charges, or they are too complex that you have to hire an expert to set up the entire store for you. With a simple user guide, you can install this plugin without acquiring technical know-how and additional skills.

Startups and beginners are often on a short budget, and shall never invest into an expensive deal with the belief of providing a dynamic shopping platform. Play wisely and invest as you secure an influential market share.

2. Easy user interface

Back in the days, most of the merchants were afraid of the online management of stock and orders, but this shopping platform has addressed their problems by introducing a simple and easy to use interface. Adding products and services along with descriptions and images can be done by anyone unfamiliar with coding and programming languages.

In addition to the admin, the interface is equally simple for your consumers as well. A great majority of customers have recorded satisfaction about purchasing products and checking out from stores that are powered by the said platform.

3. Mega Store of Applications

For entrepreneurs, who are chasing their dreams and seeking business opportunities with small to medium scale, the built-in features of WooCommerce seems to be more than enough, whereas to expand your enterprise to a higher scale and reach customers across the boundaries, there is a mega WooCommerce plugin directory from where you can download different applications to enhance functionality of your store.

4. Numerous Free Themes

About hundreds of free themes are available to set up a complete business website. You never need to have a site builder or purchase premium themes. Start with the free themes, go through unlimited customization and come up with mesmerizing looks. Once you establish a business, there are numerous possibilities of expansion with premium and comprehensive themes.

5. Built-in Sales insights

No one can carry on business operations without knowing the statistics, which signifies a growth or decline in sales or profit figures. WooCommerce leads by the way by coming up with a built-in feature of analytics that enables merchants to know their sales in total, an average number of orders received, and lots of other useful insights. Such tools are often missing in eCommerce applications.

6. Free from bugs

It is an annoying situation when you have to process an order or generate an invoice and come across a bug that nullifies your efforts and sets you helpless. WooCommerce is well reputed for being a bug-free solution for retailers and merchants. It allows you a stable work environment due to sophisticated coding on the backend.

7. Integrated Blog

This platform does not limit you to merchandizing only as it enables you to share news and useful articles on the blogs without any difficulty. The integrated features for blogging empower you to interactive with visitors to educate them about your offerings and turn them into loyal customers. Unlike most of the eCommerce software, WooCommerce does not require you to purchase an extension or module for publishing articles and engaging content.

Gear up your sales by publishing valuable content regarding the products and services, and build an authority in your niche. Proceed with corporate blogging without paying for additional extension downloads and installation.

8. Up to date Security

The efficient team of developers protects you from the threats and cyber attacks with their timely updates. They are committed to ensuring smooth running of your online store despite the malicious activities going on around you. Keep your shop abreast with a strong security system, as lots of people are intruding into business for their material gains.

9. Grow as you want

This platform gives you a freedom to expand your online store with the passage of time. You are not confined to use the available themes and features. With the help of APIs, you can get a personalized theme or a module that assures your growth in the field.

In line with your continuous growth, you can have a complete control on the store by focusing user experience, conversion optimization and maximum search engine exposure by developing advanced tools and plugins.


Managing an online business is crucial as you will have to oversee lots of aspects that prevail side by side. Every shop owner want to achieve success by fulfilling customers' needs through a friendly shopping experience without going ultra wires.

WooCommerce is the most recommended and preferred software for setting up a virtual shop. According to the above-discussed reasons, it is quite obvious that the platform will work perfectly fine for you as it has the potential to address the needs of businesses that vary in nature and size.

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