Best WordPress Survey Plugins (Comparison)

One of the primary goals for every website owner is to gain more traffic and simultaneously convert them into loyal and long-lasting customers. Although the internet is filled with innumerable techniques to convert traffic, however, one of the effective ones is to organize online surveys on the website.

By displaying these surveys, not just you can obtain precious feedback from your customers but can even enhance the user experience for them. Thus, with one survey form, there is a lot that can be achieved.

And moreover, thanks to WordPress survey plugins, displaying polls and surveys on the website is not difficult either. All you would need is a precise plugin that can help you create and showcase a convertible plugin.

What Should You Look for In a WordPress Survey Plugin?

There are several ways to collect the feedback of users, such as adding a contact form, asking users to comment, creating polls, and much more. Out of all of these things, adding a survey on the website turns out to be more effective in engaging users.

Hence, the following are some of the features that should be there in a survey plugin:

  • Easy to use
  • Option to export data
  • Beautiful template options
  • Option to add visual media to forms
  • Insightful analyzation

Having said that, here are some of the best survey plugins that you can consider using for your WordPress website.

  1. SurveyFunnel:

SurveyFunnel is one of the popular responsive plugins to display survey, feedback, and questionnaire forms on the website. It uses advanced features like conditional logic. It suggests you next question options depending on the answers that your users gave.

With its advanced analysis feature, you can easily understand how your visitors are responding to your online surveys. And then, it even creates advanced segments to give different offers according to the preferences.

With this plugin, you can gather valuable information about your users, build an email list, target different segments, and create a sales funnel. Furthermore, adding images and videos to forms wouldn’t be difficult either. Although this is a premium plugin, you’d only have to pay $67 in a year.

  1. WPForms:

WPForms is another appreciated and significant form builder plugin available on the internet. This one comes with powerful polls and surveys addon that lets you create engaging surveys forms instantly.

You can easily combine these polls and surveys addon with other amazing and advanced features of this plugin, such as multi-page forms, conditional logic, email integration, custom notification, and much more.

Just with a simple click on a checkbox, you can convert any type of form into a survey. And then, you can even add any field to your survey form, including checkboxes, text, ratings, radio buttons, and more. One of the best aspects of this plugin is that it creates attractive graphs, reports, and charts depending on the responses of users.

In terms of pricing, WPForms has four different packages, starting from $39.50 for a year. You can examine and buy the one according to your requirements.

  1. WP-Polls:

If you are looking forward to obtaining a simple poll and survey plugin to attract your users, WP-Polls is the one you should rely upon. Although its working process is limited to adding checkboxes and radio buttons on a form to gather responses, it still is considered by many for easy polls.

Once users have added their votes, they get to see results automatically. WP-Polls even save the responses of users in the logs where you can easily see how your registered users have replied to questions that you asked.

And, to filter out duplicate votes from non-registered users, you can track their IP addresses and make a decision. Being a free plugin, it wouldn’t charge a bomb from you, unlike other significant options.

  1. Polldaddy:

Polldaddy is another famous plugin for polls and surveys. Since it is not a contact form builder, it wouldn’t serve any other purpose than to just create relevant surveys and polls on the website. Although this one is a free plugin, however, you must have a account to obtain its API key.

Its drag and drop method makes it easier to create polls and surveys on the website. You can even edit the results sharing, and survey sharing settings. And then, you can even style these survey forms to make them complement the basic theme of your website.

Talking about its free version, it seems to be limited in certain features and aspects. Furthermore, on every survey form that you will be creating with this form, there will be a Polldaddy logo on the side. To block spam and certain IP filtering to avert multiple responses from the same users, Polldaddy uses captcha.

  1. Quiz & Survey Master:

Just as the name suggests, this plugin is specifically designed to create surveys and quizzes on your website. Although it lags behind a bit in terms of user interface, however, this plugin has been well-developed and comes with a lot of useful and effective features.

The basic free version of this plugin lets you create surveys with every common field. Furthermore, you can even create multipage surveys with ease. Along with interactive leaderboards, answers, and scoring, adding attractive quizzes is also made a simple task by this plugin.

Once your users have completed surveys, this plugin can also send them thank you emails. If you want additional features, like reporting and analysis, you will have to purchase a premium version, which starts from $10.

  1. Gravity Forms:

This one is the oldest form plugins of WordPress that comes with several amazing add-ons that will simplify the process of creating surveys on the website. Not just it is easy to use but also allows you to create any type of form with the help of form builder.

You can include many common form fields in your survey forms. However, the results of such surveys can only be analyzed from inside the admin area. There will no be any graphs or charts to view results.

If you want, you can also export your survey results into a CSV file and display them on your website. There are three different packages of this plugin, starting from $59/year.


Website surveys and polls have proven out to be effective in terms of analyzing how your website visitors are interacting with your brand. Displaying them on the site is also a great way to find out what your users are expecting from you how much you are fulfilling their requirements.

So, consider these plugins mentioned above and create enthralling forms and polls to convert a large number of visitors.

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