How to Cancel WooCommerce Orders: Two Simple Ways

July 4, 2024,
How to Cancel WooCommerce Orders: Two Simple Ways



Tired of complicated ways to cancel orders? We get it! Sometimes mistakes happen or plans change. In this blog, I will share two methods to cancel orders by customers in easy steps.

Running a successful online store requires balancing customer satisfaction with efficient order fulfillment. Despite your best efforts to provide the best shopping experience to your customers, the cancellations are inevitable.

Customers might change their minds, find a better deal elsewhere, or face unexpected expenses. Whatever the reason, handling cancellations smoothly and professionally is essential for maintaining positive customer relationships.

The Power of a Clear Cancellation Policy

Before we discuss the methods to cancel orders in WooCommerce, It is important to define your order cancellation policy clearly. This policy should be accessible on store within FAQs page or in terms and conditions section.

In this policy, choose the timeframe within which customers can cancel their orders without penalty. Be transparent about any potential restocking fees or limitations on canceling customized items. A clear policy sets expectations for both you and your customers, leading to fewer misunderstandings and smoother cancellations.

Method 1: Canceling with Ease within WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes canceling orders a breeze. Follow these simple steps to handle customer cancellation requests efficiently:

  • Gather Order Details: When a customer requests a cancellation, grab their order information like order number or customer name. This helps you quickly locate the order in your system.
  • Navigate to Orders: In your WooCommerce dashboard, hover over "WooCommerce" on the left-hand menu. Click "Orders" from the dropdown menu that appears.
  • Find the Order: You'll see a list of all your orders. If the customer provided their details, finding the specific order should be easy. For larger shops, use the search bar on the right side. Search by order number, customer name (if registered), or any other relevant details.
  • Cancel and Update: Once you've found the order, click on it to open the order details. Look for a section titled "Order Details". There will be a dropdown menu labeled "Status". Click the dropdown and select "Canceled".Now , to confirm the cancellation, click on the update button.

These are simple and easy steps to cancel customer orders in the default WooCommerce feature. Now, let me discuss the second method for Order Cancellation in WooCommerce.

Method 2: Using WooCommerce Customer Cancel Order Plugin

The WooCommerce Customer Cancel Order plugin offers a smoother solution. This plugin empowers your customers to cancel orders directly from their accounts, while also giving you control over refunds. 

Ready to streamline your workflow? I will guide you through setting up and using the plugin for a hassle-free cancellation experience.

Installation and Activation

Download the WooCommerce Customer Cancel Order .zip file from FME Addons.

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Click on Upload Plugin and choose the downloaded .zip file.
  4. Click Install Now and then Activate the extension.


To configure the features of this plugin, Go to WooCommerce > Settings. Click on the Cancel Order tab to access the plugin settings. Here, you can configure the customization of cancel order button, apply on different products and/or categories, withdraw requests, cancellation requests reasons, email settings, and more

Order Cancellation Settings

  • Display Cancel Button: Choose the order statuses for which the cancel button will be displayed.
  • Disable Cancel Button: Disable the cancel button for specific payment methods.
  • User Role: Display the cancel button for selected user roles.
  • Applied On: Select the products or categories where order cancellation will be applicable.
  • Non-Refundable Products: Select the products that will not be refundable
  • Enable/Disable Withdraw Request: Allow customers to withdraw their cancellation request if it's still pending.
  • Show Non-Refundable Label on Shop Page: Display a non-refundable label below products on the shop page.
  • Cancellation Reason: Enable a checkbox to collect and display the cancellation reason from customers.
  • Cancellation Reason Options: Add multiple cancellation reasons, one per line.
  • Immediate Cancellation: Choose to have orders canceled immediately upon request.
  • Cancellation Message Request: Customize the message shown when a customer submits a cancellation request.
  • Hide Cancel Button: Option to hide the cancel button after a certain period.
  • Customer Note: Add a note that will appear in the cancellation popup for customers.
  • Send Emails to Customer: Enable this to send email notifications to customers about their cancellation request.
  • Send Emails to Owner: Enable this to send email notifications to the store owner about cancellation requests.
  • Enter Cancellation Fee: Set a cancellation fee as a percentage.
  • Refund Partially: Enable partial refunds, or disable for full refunds only.
  • Enter Cancel Button Text: Customize the text displayed on the cancel button.
  • Enter Minimum Amount to Enable Order Cancellation: Set a minimum order amount required to display the cancel button.
  • Select Cancel Button Background Color: Choose the background color for the cancel button.
  • Select Button Text Color: Set the text color for the cancel button.

Cancel order for woocommerce settings

Order Cancellation Request Management

View Requests:

Go to WooCommerce > Order Cancellation Request in the admin panel.

All customer order cancellation requests will be displayed here.

Approve or Decline Requests:

  • Review the customer order cancellation requests.
  • Approve or decline the requests as necessary.

Approve or decline requests

Both methods are easy to implement but the WooCommerce Customer Cancel Order  plugin is the best choice because it offers the advanced features that allows full or partial refunds, applies cancellation fees, and customizes cancellation options based on product categories, user roles, and payment methods. 

It also includes settings for displaying non-refundable labels, collecting cancellation reasons, and sending automated emails to both customers and store owners. So, cancel order requests using this plugin is the best option

Additional Tips: Building Customer Trust

While canceling orders is a functional necessity, it also presents an opportunity to build customer trust. You can consider some additional tips to enhance your customer experience like

  • Be Prompt: Responding swiftly to cancellation requests demonstrates a commitment to customer service.
  • Transparency is Key: When a cancellation occurs, keep your customer informed.  Provide a clear update on the order status and, if applicable, an estimated timeframe for their refund.  This transparency fosters trust and reduces customer frustration.
  • Offerings: Consider providing a small incentive to encourage the customer to return. This could be in the form of a discount code for a future purchase or store credit.

To Conclude

Following these steps and prioritizing customer service allows you to handle cancellations smoothly. Remember, clear communication and a customer-centric approach go a long way. 

Even when cancellations occur, fostering trust can turn a potentially negative experience into a chance to build lasting customer loyalty. They might just return for future purchases thanks to your positive approach.


Can a user cancel an order in WooCommerce?

Yes, by installing the WooCommerce cancel order plugin, customers can cancel their orders from their account page.

How do I manage order cancellation requests in WooCommerce?

To manage requests:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Order Cancellation Request in the admin panel.
  2. View all customer order cancellation requests.
  3. Approve or decline the requests as necessary.