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Give your customers the freedom to cancel their orders with the WooCommerce cancel order plugin. You can implement multiple controls on order cancellations. Such as manually approving cancel requests, charging a cancellation fee, and restricting the facility to specific customer groups, products and categories, and order statuses. Use the WooCommerce refund order plugin to ask for a reason to recognize the issues that are making the customers cancel their orders. 

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  • Allow Order Cancellations
  • Approve order cancel requests – manual and automatic 
  • Restrict order cancellation by specific customer groups
  • Charge a fee on order cancellation
  • Set full or partial refunds after canceling orders
  • Let the customers provide a reason to cancel orders 
  • Customers can select from a list of reasons 
  • Notify admin and customers upon order cancel approval 
  • Display or hide the 'Cancel Order' button 
  • Allow cancellations on specific product orders
  • Approve cancellation of particular order statuses
  • Encourage customers to reorder if they cancel by mistake

October 7, 2021

WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

    Help Customers easily Cancel Orders

    Get the WooCommerce order cancel for customers plugin and enhance your customer support by allowing your customers to cancel their orders with a reason. Let them share if they no longer need the product or want to reorder with a different item or at a different address. 

    Cancel Orders of Specific Customers 

    You can restrict the facility to selected customer groups of your store by using the WooCommerce auto cancel order plugin. Let only regular or VIP customers submit a request for order cancellation.

    Automate Order Cancellations 

    Set the order cancellation requests to be approved automatically. Save your and your customers' time in processing their requests. 

    Review and Cancel Orders Manually 

    If you want to review every order cancellation request before it is approved, you can opt for manual approvals. Control and reduce order cancellation rate with the WooCommerce cancel order plugin. 

    Allow for Specific Order Statuses 

    You can display the cancel option for particular order statuses. For example, you can allow cancellations for recent orders, unpaid ones, etc. 

    Charge a Fee for Order Cancellations

    You can charge a fee for order cancellation to prevent your store from incurring losses and discourage the customers from using it without a logical reason. 

    Return Full or Partial Order Amount 

    With the WooCommerce partial refund plugin, you can return the full or partial amount of the canceled order as you might have decided and communicated in the returns and refunds policy of your store. 

    Ask for a Reason to Cancel Order 

    Let the customers submit a reason for order cancellation with the WooCommerce customer cancel order plugin. It can help you find the issues that are making the customers revoke their orders. 

    List Possible Reasons or ask for a Custom one

    For better user experience, you can create a list of reasons that are making the customers cancel their orders or leave space for customers to submit specific issues they have faced. 

    Communicate Order Cancellation with Email 

    With the WooCommerce cancel order by customer plugin, you can enable email notifications for the store admin as well as the customers to communicate the approval of order cancel requests. 

    Schedule the Display of Order Cancel button 

    You can schedule the display of the Order Cancel button so that it can hide as soon as the orders are near delivery. Allow the facility for a specific period. 

    Permit order cancellation on specific products 

    Avoid getting order cancel requests for every other product in your store. You can permit it for a set of products and categories where you can manage sale returns. 

    Add the Re-Order button to recover Sales 

    You can push a Re-Order button to customers as soon as their orders are canceled so that they can reorder if they have canceled in pursuit of changing cart items, shipping addresses, or other details. 

    Set a Minimum Amount Condition 

    Specify a minimum order amount to set a condition for order cancellations. Customers having orders below that amount will not be able to submit a request. 

    Alert customers about non-refundable products 

    You can create an alert message to educate the customers about non-refundable products before they submit order cancellation requests. 

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