Customer Order Cancellationfor Woocommerce


Customer Order Cancellationfor Woocommerce


Allow customers to cancel orders or request full or partial refunds with the WooCommerce cancel order plugin and increase customer satisfaction and trust in your brand./p>

Manage order cancellation requests by accepting or rejecting the request. You can also restrict cancellation requests for specific order statuses, user roles, and products. Admin can offer full or partial refunds.

Require customers to submit a reason for order cancellation. This will help you decide whether to approve or decline the request. You can use customer data to understand user behavior and pin point issues such an error, price, quality, or anything else.

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  • Improve customer satisfaction by allowing order cancellations
  • Maintain control by restricting cancellation for specific users
  • Save time with automated acceptance of cancellation requests
  • Simplify management of cancellation requests
  • Increase clarity by displaying the cancel button for specific order statuses
  • Generate revenue with an order cancellation fee option
  • Enhance flexibility by offering full or partial refunds
  • Gain insights by collecting order cancellation reasons
  • Enhance communication with email notifications for customers and store owners
  • Ensure timely action by hiding the cancel button after a set time
  • Tailor cancellation options by allowing it for selected products
  • Provide clarity with notifications for non-refundable products
  • Ensure profitability with a minimum cancellation amount
  • Improve transparency by displaying messages for non-refundable products
  • Customize the cancelation button to fit your brand seamlessly


October 7, 2021


WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

  • Life Time Support
  • 45 Days MoneyBack
  • Free LifeTime Updates

Allow Customers To Submit Order Cancellation Requests

WooCommerce order cancel for customers plugin allows customers to submit order cancellation requests and get refunds. Customers can also reorder the same product or its variation, and ask for customizations rather than purchasing an item they don’t like.

Restrict Order Cancellation to Selective Users

Control who can cancel orders based on their user role. For instance, VIP customers can cancel orders, but regular subscribers cannot.

Automate Order Cancellation Acceptance

Manage order cancellation requests easily with automatic order cancellation when requested by a customer. This makes shopping quicker and less stressful for everyone.

Streamline Management Of Cancellation Requests

With the WooCommerce cancel order plugin, you can see all cancellation requests in one place on your dashboard. You get to choose which orders to approve or reject based on your business rules.

Display Cancel Button Based On Order Status

Show the cancel button only for certain order statuses to ensure that only eligible customers can request cancellation. For instance, you can let customers cancel pending orders but not ones that are already being processed.

Charge an Order Cancellation Fee

Discourage frequent order cancellation requests by imposing an order cancellation fee. You can set the price in amount or percentage. 

Provide Full Or Partial Order Refunds

Provide full or partial refunds to customers based on their order status using the WooCommerce refund order plugin. Admins can refund orders completely and choose which order statuses allow refunds, helping cover processing costs. 

Additionally, the WooCommerce partial refund plugin lets store owners offer partial refunds, allowing them to charge only the cancellation fee or deduct the refund amount from it.

Collect Reasons For Order Cancellation

Collect valuable feedback from customers by asking for reasons when they cancel orders with the WooCommerce customer cancel order plugin. This feedback helps you improve your product or service based on real-time customer input.

Customize Cancellation Reasons & Get Custom Messages

Create a predefined list of order cancellation reasons that customers may select from and make the whole process easy and user-friendly. Customers can also submit a reason of their own which will help you gather valuable feedback from customers.

Send Email Notifications For Orders

With the cancel order WooCommerce plugin, you can set up email notifications for both customers and store owners. These notifications keep everyone informed and allow them to take any necessary actions promptly.

Set Time Limit For Cancel Button Visibility

You can show the cancellation button for a certain period. Once the time is up the customer won’t see the cancellation button anymore. The plugin will automatically hide the cancel order button. 

Allow Cancellation For Selected Products

The WooCommerce cancel Order plugin lets you permit the cancellation of selected products or categories. You can exclude certain products to avoid disruptions to their stock levels.

Display Reorder Button For Recovery

You can also display a reorder button next to the cancellation button. it will allow your customers to reorder the item easily. This helps recover previously canceled orders and boost your sales.

Set Minimum Order Cancellation Amount

To avoid frequent order cancellations, you can set a minimum amount for canceling orders with the WooCommerce customer order cancel plugin. This helps you manage cancellations better and encourages customers to make purchases above a certain amount.

Notify Customers About Non-Refundable Products

With WooCommerce refund order, the admin can mark certain products as non-refundable. This means customers will see a message about it before they buy. It helps them know if a product can be refunded or not, saving everyone trouble later on.

Customize Cancel Button Appearance

You can use the plugin to customize your text, colors, and background of the cancellation order button. it will make the appearance look more personalized and professional.

Empower Customers with Withdrawal Options

You can empower customers to withdraw their order cancellation requests, providing greater flexibility and control over their shopping experience. Depending on the order status, whether it's on hold or pending.

Display Cancel Button Based on Payment Method

Admin can show or hide the cancel request button based on the payment method chosen by the customer.This level of customization ensures that the cancel button is displayed only when appropriate.

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