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Get the WooCommerce WhatsApp order plugin to help your customers place orders on WhatsApp rather than going through a time-consuming checkout process of your online store. Order on WhatsApp for WooCommerce plugin simplifies the shopping experience by allowing potential customers to use their WhatsApp account for shopping. You can add the 'Order on WhatsApp' button on Shop, product, and cart pages. If users are facing difficulties in taking a purchase decision, they can send a product to friends or family on WhatsApp with the share button. You can offer the facility on selected products and categories, and to particular user roles. Create prefilled messages to compel the users to initiate chat and orders.

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Features List

  • Take Orders on WhatsApp

  • Show Checkout popup on Shop and Product Pages

  • Add WhatsApp Share button on Products

  • Restrict WhatsApp Orders by customers

  • Create orders on behalf of customers

  • Set default order status

  • Apply to all or specific products, categories 

  • Personalize WhatsApp Order and Share buttons

  • Compose prefilled WhatsApp messages 

  • Add WhatsApp options to the cart, checkout pages

  • Applicable to variable products 

  • Hide add to cart from product and shop pages

  • Get email notifications for WhatsApp orders

August 27, 2020

WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

    Facilitate customers to place orders on WhatsApp

    Ease your potential customers to continue shopping using WhatsApp messenger with the help of the WooCommerce orders on WhatsApp. They can place orders with privacy and security rather than creating an account and sharing personal details. you can enable WhatsApp Orders on Shop, Product, Cart, and Checkout pages. 

    Get Checkout details on WhatsApp

    Finding it easier to continue with the business, customers will like the idea of sharing the entire checkout details over WhatsApp. The WooCommerce order on WhatsApp plugin removes the bar of checkout for non-tech savvy users of your online store.

    WhatsApp Share button on Products 

    Get the WhatsApp order WooCommerce plugin to Increase user engagements and social shares by adding a WhatsApp share button to product pages. Let the users easily share a product with their friends and family. 

    Apply to Simple or Variable Products

    WooCommerce Order on WhatsApp plugin works well with simple and variable products. Let the user place order for any specific product variation on WhatsApp. 

    Limit WhatsApp Orders to Specific Products

    WooCommerce send order to Whatsapp allows you to apply restriction rules. You can limit the functionality of taking WhatsApp orders for specific products or categories. 

    Record WhatsApp Orders in WooCommerce

    You can create a record of all the orders you get on WhatsApp in WooCommerce. Keep a single record rather than keeping it separate in WooCommerce and WhatsApp. 

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