Order & Share on WhatsAppfor Woocommerce


Order & Share on WhatsAppfor Woocommerce


WooCommerce Whatsapp Order increases your sales through a convenient purchasing process. It allows your customers to place orders on WhatsApp.

You can show the “Order on WhatsApp” button on your shop, product, or cart pages. When someone hits the button, a popup will appear. Customers can fill out the checkout form to buy the product instantly. You can also customize and add this button to a specific product or category.

Order on WhatsApp for WooCommerce improves the user experience by easing the order process. It will also increase your customer trust and open up a new sales channel to a vast number of WhatsApp users.

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Features List

  • Allow customers to place orders via WhatsApp
  • Increase product visibility by allowing customers to share products on WhatsApp
  • Display checkout popup form on the shop and product pages
  • Enable the WhatsApp order button for logged-in customers
  • Create WhatsApp order from the admin side
  • Set default order status easily from the admin panel
  • Display the WhatsApp order and share buttons on the shop, product, and cart page
  • Enable the Whatsapp order button on specific products or categories
  • Personalize WhatsApp orders and share buttons
  • Add prefilled messages for WhatsApp orders
  • Display the order on WhatsApp option on the checkout page
  • Keep customers informed with order confirmation and status notifications.
  • Hide add to cart button on product and shop pages
  • Hide order and share on WhatsApp button for desktop users
  • Update customers with email notifications for WhatsApp orders


August 27, 2020


WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

  • Life Time Support
  • 45 Days MoneyBack
  • Free LifeTime Updates

Allow Customers To Place Orders On WhatsApp from Multiple Pages

With the WooCommerce orders on WhatsApp, customers can easily place orders on your website. Display the "Order on WhatsApp" and "Share Product" buttons on various pages, including shop, product, and category pages. A checkout form popup will appear when customers click on these buttons. Customers can also choose the "Order on WhatsApp" option during checkout.

Display the “Share on WhatsApp” button

You can display the “Share on WhatsApp” button on the Product and cart pages. It will increase your product visibility and reach a broader Whatsapp audience. 

Provide All Checkout Details On WhatsApp

When an order is placed on WhatsApp, all the necessary details including personal information, product details, and shipping information are automatically sent in the WhatsApp message.

Streamline Payment Process with “Pay Now” Link

WhatsApp order for WooCommerce makes it easy to process payments by sending a "Pay Now" link to your customers' WhatsApp numbers. Providing them with a payment link on WhatsApp can make it easy for them to pay.

Manage Multiple Stores By Adding Different WhatsApp Numbers

You can serve more customers effortlessly by adding multiple WhatsApp order numbers for each store. Just click "Add Another" to add more than one contact number. You can customize the name, number, and status for each and set labels.

Compatible With Both Simple And Variable Products

The WooCommerce Order on WhatsApp plugin works smoothly with both simple and variable products. This plugin makes it easy to sell variable products.

Enable Products Or Categories With The "Order On WhatsApp" Button

Display the "Order on WhatsApp" button on all pages or restrict it to specific products or categories. Use the dropdown menu to select a particular product or category, or check the box "Apply on all products" to show on all products.

Personalize the "Order on WhatsApp" Button

The plugin will also allow you to customize the “Order on Whatsapp” button according to your preference. You can customize:

  • Button Text

  • Padding and border-radius

  • Button background and text colors

  • Border width on shop, product, and cart pages

You can set the positioning of the “Order on Whatsapp” button i.e. before or after the cart. 


Customize Share on WhatsApp Button

With the WooCommerce order WhatsApp plugin, you have complete control over customizing the share button. You can adjust:

  • Share on Whatsapp button text

  • Border radius and padding

  • Share button background, text, and border color

  • Border width

Create Orders in WooCommerce when Placed through WhatsApp

Create orders in WooCommerce when the customer places an order on WhatsApp. You can select the default order status for WhatsApp orders from the dropdown menu. Options include:

  • Pending Payment

  • Processing

  • On Hold

  • Completed

  • Canceled

  • Refunded

  • Failed


Keep Customers Informed With Notifications Upon Order Confirmation

Send notifications to your customers to keep them informed about the order process. The store owners can easily send order messages to customers. These messages will tell customers about the order number and status 

Notify Customers about Changes in Order Status

Notify customers of any changes in their order status by sending WhatsApp notifications. This keeps them informed on every step of the process, from on hold to processing to shipping. In that case, the customer receives notification of order statuses on every change.



Display Order on Whatsapp Button for Logged-in Users Only

With the WooCommerce whatsapp order, you have the option to enable the "Order on WhatsApp" button exclusively for logged-in customers. This feature simplifies order management by ensuring that only registered users can use the WhatsApp ordering functionality.

Control Button Visibility With The Option To Hide/Show Buttons

The WooCommerce order on whatsapp plugin empowers you to customize button visibility on various pages. From the backend, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Display the WhatsApp order button on the shop, product, or cart page

  • Hide the "Add to Cart" button on the shop, product, or cart page

  • Enable the "Order on WhatsApp" button on the checkout page

  • Hide the "Order on WhatsApp" button for desktop users



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