How to Add Ajax Product Filter Functionality in WooCommerce?

Page speed of an eCommerce website is a major factor in making the users to stay and browse products most of the online stores retain a higher reload speed, but still, complains about a declining trend in conversion. The possible reason could be the difficulty in finding products they need.

The online stores often start with various product lines that need the creation of different categories. The classification of products into different categories is sometimes confusing for the end users to decide which specific category will include a product they are looking for. This may disappoint them in browsing the store and make them try another website. Additionally, the page wastes the time in reloading every time they switch from one category to another, which is also a devastating shopping experience.

Time is a major constraint for the online buyers. They like to spend a few moments in evaluating the products you offer. They do not bother to switch to another tab when they are unable to find suitable store items. To help you improve user experience, we suggest the installation of WooCommerce Ajax Product filter plugin that facilitates users to search product by color, category, and price. It is powered by Ajax technology solution that quickly brings out the relevant products rather than reloading the page over and again. Thus, it saves consumers time and effort in finding products.

In this tutorial, we are clearly defined how you can add Ajax-based filters to your online store and relieve the visitors in browse products. You can follow each step and do it yourself. No need to hire a developer or virtual assistant.

Step 1: Download WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter, add the files in the plugins section and continue with the installation.


Step 2: Navigate to the installed plugins and active the application you have just installed. It will appear with the name of “FME Ajax Layered Navigation”


Step 3: Once you activate the plugin, move to appearance and click widgets. Here, you can see the addition of Ajax-based filters to your store. You can click on each box to customize the title and save the filter or delete it right away.


Step 4: You can continue with further configuration by clicking each filter one by one. You can add 6 types of filters in the sidebar to facilitate your users easily find products.


Step 5: If you want to add any of the filters below the header or in the footer, you can do so by a simply dragging it from the sidebar menu and dropping it in the respective field.


Step 6: After customization, you can see the changes on the front end and test how a user can benefit from Ajax-based layered navigation. You can see the addition of the filters accordingly. Visitors of your online store can click on any filter and enjoy an improved shopping experience. It saves their time in filtering the products they need without reloading the page every time for browsing a category.



The filters are quite helpful in navigating products from whole lots of lists and categories. Your customers can simply click a color or size of product they would like to buy. It improves the user experience, which finally results in a higher conversion ratio. We hope the above tutorial can be of great for you in making the product search a hassle-free job for your target audience.

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