How to create new fields in WooCommerce Registration Form?

The user registration form is the first document that introduces an unknown person to an online store with his or her personal details. The user accounts are created to get access to products, categories and different pages that are kept hidden from the common users. The creation of user accounts facilitates the users to swiftly place orders and clear payments, whereas it allows the merchants and webmasters to know about their customers in detail.

The default registration form often lacks some fields that are mandatory for a merchant to ask from his target audience. It can be about their personal interests, hobbies, favorite things in their daily life or some product specific preferences. To ask such personal or financial details, a website manager needs to add custom fields to the registration pages. They can do so by modifying the code or simply install a plugin for it.

To help you instantly add a great variety of field types to your sign up pages, we recommend the installation of a verified extension i.e. Custom Registration Form for WordPress. Following is a step-by-step guide to easily download, install and configure the plugin, and successfully add fields to acquire additional information from your customers.

Step 1: Download Custom Registration Form WordPress

Step 2: Install the extension by moving the plugins section of your WordPress control panel. Click ‘Add New’ and upload the files you have just downloaded.


Step 3: Click ‘Installed Plugins’ and activate the extension you have just uploaded to the dashboard.


Step 4: After successful installation and activation, you will see the addition of a tab in the right column named Registration Attributes.  There you can see two columns on the page. You can add any of the form fields to the registration form by simply dragging an item from the left menu and dropping it in the right one. Add any of the fields such as text, text area, select box, multiple select options, checkbox, date picker, time picker, password or file/image upload.


Step 5: Besides the easy addition of fields with a drag and drop procedure, you can configure settings for each field as well. For example, you can add a label; make it compulsory, select a placeholder and field width as well. In the same way, other fields can be added and customized according to your preferences.  Save changes and it will be added to the form on the front end.


Step 6: Click ‘Settings’ to customize the title for different sections of the registration page including account information and personal details.


Step 7: After configuration settings, the additional registration fields appear in registration forms and users can answer them while signing up for an account.


Step 8: Your customers can view and edit the answers they have submitted against each custom field in their user accounts.


Step 9: Verify the addition of fields on the sign-up form through a dummy account and you will how it is going to benefit you in collecting valuable information from the valuable customers while they register for an account.

By following the above steps, you can easily create options that are easy to understand and answer for any user who signs up for an account. It can reveal the personal preferences of the customers so that you can mold your products and services according to the perceptions, likeness, and interests. The Additional Registration Attribute is one of the amazing tools that enable you to add different types of field and start collecting valuable details without any headache. The Free version of Additional registration attribute plugin  is also available on, for free download click here.

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