How to Handle Negative Customers Reviews - Tips and Tricks

The online businesses achieve success by maintaining a strong impression in the eyes of its buyers, which not only results in re-ordering but referrals business as well. The referral customers can come either through the word of mouth or find the positive feedback either on your social profiles, product pages or review websites. With this process, the buyers’ community helps each other in arriving at the most reliable business.

Now, to get consistent orders from your target audience, you need to handle the negative comments with a positive attitude and pursue a better user experience. A new customer may interact with the design first and then refer to the customer reviews, which makes both the elements highly significant for the success of your online venture.

One of the additions in the design you need to do for the first time buyers is improving the product search with Ajax filter. We recommend the installation of WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter that facilitates the users of your online store with a quick product search. They can get the list of store items by a favorite color, label, tag or category. You can have to save users’ time in reaching a product page and converting them into loyal customers with the positive and overwhelming reviews.

The display of reviews on your website is not enough to make the web pages trustworthy and credible because you need to manage each review with the best possible response. If you misbehave any of your customers, they may refer to another platform and spoil your reputation. It can be your social presence or listings at the review sites or business directories. Do not underestimate the unlimited resources an end consumer can use to record his or her opinion. For you help, we are sharing some of the valuable tips and tricks to turn you unhappy clients into returning and happy customers.

Evaluate the Problem

Generally, most of the bad reviews are the result of a problem at your end. The customers are either unable to contact your support team or not getting a required solution for their loss. The products that are supported by a money back guarantee are well reviewed as the buyers either get a replacement or their payments, whereas others may simply find a flaw in your product quality or support and report it negative without waiting for a resolution.

You need to start with evaluating the route cause. Track the order with that specific user, examine the delivery and review if he or she has submitted any support ticket. It will help you respond to your customer with reason and offer them any damages as per your defined policies.

Respond Rather React

Bad reviews are often irritating as it not only leave a negative comment on your profile but become a hindrance to your future sales. In such a situation, you need to keep calm, assess the problem and reply in a friendly tone. At an initial stage, you won't be able to find mistakes on your end. So, do not react rudely which may be regretful after the customer comes up with a detail evidence. Your friendly and humble reply may not compel them to remove the negative feedback, but it will set an example of your professional attitude of dealing with problems.

If your potential customers go through the negative remarks, they will also find the amazing reply and will get the idea that you have improved or striving hard for achieving customer satisfaction.

Give Explanation

Most of the negative reviews are the result of higher expectations. Businesses in the service industry need to maintain their quality standards as a minor flaw may get them bad remarks. But, in spite taking the pain in delivering the best ever services, there comes a point where your staff seems to be helpless in achieving excelling under certain circumstances. For example, food industry flourishes by the taste it offers. But, there are atmospheric conditions that may ruin the charm of the services.

If any of your customers gets a bad experience, let them know that reason behind their disappointment. Be careful not to blame them for the mismanagement, but keep a balance and get 'benefit of the doubt.' It will eventually result that you truly deserve a revisit or modification of the testimonial.

Follow up Unhappy Customers

The secret of turning bad reviews into appreciating ones lies in following up those unhappy customers. Let them know how much you are worried about the inconvenience and discomfort they have faced the last time they have consumed your products or services. Reach them with via email or phone, and offer a discounted revisit.

Every unhappy customer has a soft corner for you just because they have spent their hard earned cash, and they may consider a discounted offer just to re-evaluate your business and enjoy the supreme experience they have missed last time.


Customers are indeed your products. You need to be as conscious about the customer support as much you are about the product or service. They define your future prospects, expansion plans and launching any further store items. In fact, they indirectly rule over your business by placing orders, introducing you to their circles and leaving positive feedback for others to shop from you. All this makes it highly important for you to become soft spoken about their opinion and discuss their bad experiences so that you are remembered in good words.

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