How to Show Price Calculator on Product Pages in WooCommerce?

Price is among the major driving forces that allow the users to proceed to checkout and pay for your products. They need to think twice before they hit the ‘Add to cart’ button, as they need to be completely surely of the price tags.

For routine products, there is a set pattern of defining prices, whereas, for products that varying in quantity, you cannot charge a single price. For example, one user may need a carpet for a small room, but another may need it for the entire living room.

What if they want to order according to the area they have to cover and not more than that? Here, the eCommerce websites feel the need of adding a price calculator to landing pages to compute the transaction amount according to the quantity a user selects.

To add different measurement units for your products, we recommended the installation and configuration of WooCommerce Price Calculator plugin that gives you the freedom to sell products with respect to weight, area, volume, three dimensions, and room wall measurements. Following is a quick method of displaying a pricing calculator on different landing pages of your website.

Step 1: Download WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin and add it to your eCommerce website in the plugins section. Continue with the installation.

1. install

Step 2: Navigate to the installed plugins section and activate the extension you have just downloaded and installed on your website.

2. activate

Step 3: Move to the Products tab, click any existing product or add a new, and scroll down to the newly added section of Fma Measurement. Click it and select measurements unit that best describes your products. You can configure product pricing by its weight, area, volume, and dimensions, etc.

3. find

Step 4: Select weight if you intend to set product pricing by its weight to select a measurement unit and customize other options. It helps you defining a price per unit. For example $1 per gram.

4. weight

Step 5: After selecting measurement unit, click Fma Pricing table to create a price variation with a range for products. Click ‘Add rule’ to create more product ranges and build up a complete pricing table. It allows you to enter figures for starting and ending a range, and its respective sale price per unit.

5. calculator

Step 6: Move back to the measurement settings to select other metrics. This extension allows you to select from a number of measuring units. Click ‘Area’ for the products that are sold with respect to the area it covers. Select an appropriate unit like square mm, or cm.

6. Area

Step 7: In the same way, you can click ‘Volume’ if you aim to sell liquid products that are measured in its volume. Select from a wide range of units like liter, ml, gallon, etc.

7. Volume

Step 8: For products that are used for wall decoration, this plugin offers another measuring unit called room wall that requires you to configure measuring with respect to height and length. Additionally, you can select three-dimensional measurement settings as well.

8. Room Walls

Step 9: With each measurement settings, you can create pricing table easily as discussed in Step 5 for weight units. After configuration and customization settings, you can review the changes. The pricing table will appear like this on the front end.

On the product page, users get to know the price per kg along with a calculator which instantly computers the total amount by allowing them to enter their required quantity. Additionally, a detailed pricing plan is given for users to avail discount by selecting a higher quantity.

9. pricing table


WooCommerce Price Calculator plugin is developed to help you configure measure units that are specific to your products. For example, by selecting metrics for Area, you can allow users to place orders for marbles, tiles, carpets, and other floor coverings according to their requirements.

In the same way, they can request products in weight, volume, and dimensions. In the above step by step tutorial, we have tried to help you easily incorporate measurement units, price calculator, and a compelling pricing table for discounting your potential customers. It may help you.

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