Statistics On Abandoned Cart And Social Media [Infographic]

After conducting extensive surveys, examining questionnaires and studying reviews and feedback, the consumers have shown remarkable demographics in the ecommerce industry regarding social media and shopping carts. These tests and experiments were focused on these two aspects of online business since they have maximum effects on revenue.

Results insist that customers were drastically affected by shipping costs, hidden charges, registration hassles and lack of payment options which consequently forced conversion rates to fall and shoppers to abandon carts.

To work on these errors, retailers are reforming their ecommerce structures and introducing strategies to combat shopping cart abandonments. Measures include retargeting products in shopping carts, free shipping, email marketing, but most importantly, making the best out of social media.

Social media trends confirm that ecommerce industry is booming through the medium. Online retailers can not only carry out marketing campaigns online, but incorporate customer care as well. Facebook is currently on the lead with 53%, Pinterest 19%, Twitter 17% and Snapchat with a humble 5% influence on customers regarding their purchase decisions. Similarly, traffic from Facebook eclipsed Youtube and Instagram with 1.85% in conversion rates. The following eCommerce Infographic by FmeExtensions shows the statistics and demographics of the latest eCommerce trends.

ECommerce Trends and Statistics

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<a href=""><img src="" alt="ECommerce Trends and Statistics" width="580" /></a> <br /> <strong>Infographic by – <a href="">Fme Extensions</a></strong>
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