Top Extensions Exclusively Developed for Magento 2

Magento 2 has brilliantly transformed the eCommerce industry by equipping merchants with lots of additional features like improved performance, user-friendly checkout system, easy integration with payment gateways, mobile friendliness and lots of more. The default features may suffice the needs of a small size business; whereas the growing needs of a medium to large size business need to equip their store with a higher functionality.

To help address the growing needs of such online stores, FmeExtensions has developed numerous plugins that are compatible with the latest version of Magento. You will find these extensions useful as we have an extensive exposure of working with prominent online brands and making them achieve their goals through our expertise in eCommerce development.

In addition to Magento, we also specialize in Joomla, OpenCart, WordPress, and WooCommerce. You can refer to the themes and plugins on which is one of our primary projects.

Top Magento 2 Extensions

Following are some of the Magento 2 extensions that may help make your store useful and engaging for the end consumer.

Magento 2 GDPR

GDPR Magento 2 extension by FME enables you to make your website in compliance with the latest European General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR). Create & configure privacy rules, give rights to customers to protect their personal data, delete their account and request their data. Add Privacy policy and terms & conditions checkboxes on user registration forms. Display “Forget Me” option and acquire cookie consent. Admin can easily manage all the user requests regarding their orders and account.


  • Display Cookie Consent
  • Allows Users to Delete Accounts or Request Data
  • Unsubscribe to Newsletters
  • Configure email notifications
  • Add Checkboxes for Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy
  • Enable DPO Contact Form

Magento 2 Blog Extension

Magento 2 blog extension by FME allows you to create a responsive & user-friendly blog in your online store where you can publish articles, multi-media content, product tutorials, user manuals, press releases and much more. You can fully customize the blog homepage and display the articles along with featured image in grid or list style.

Create & configure banner slider, add multiple images, customize transition effects and time frame. With this Magento 2 blog extension, you can create custom blocks in order to display recent comments, categories, recent posts, tags, etc. on any webpage. Visitors can leave comments via their logged-in Facebook account or with a Google Captcha enabled comment box.


  • Create unlimited blog categories/sub-categories
  • Configure meta details for posts and categories
  • Assign related products and articles to each post
  • Add featured image
  • Article summary and author name
  • Create image/video gallery
  • Google reCaptcha enabled comment box
  • Customize camera slider

Magento 2 Image Zoom

Magento 2 product image zoom extension allows you to add image zoom feature to your online store. You can enable multiple types of magnifiers for product images like visitors can magnify a particular area of the product images once they hover mouse over the image. By clicking the product image, the extension automatically enlarges the image to its full size in a responsive lightbox featuring zoom in/out buttons and previous/next navigation. Using this Magento 2 image zoom extension, you can restrict image zooming functionality to specific products & customer groups. You can also configure specific rules for zooming product images.

You can add following types of magnifiers:

  • Basic Zoom
  • Tint
  • Inner Zoom
  • Lens Zoom
  • Fade in/ Fade Out
  • Easing
  • Mouse wheel Zoom
  • Window Position
  • Custom Design

Magento 2 Partial Payment

Partial Payment Magento 2 extension by FME allows you to sell products and services on a customizable installment plan. Enable layaway plans for specific products or global layaway plan for the entire store and set a layaway fee. Set down payment, total installments, interval & duration of the layaway plans. Using this Magento 2 layaway extension, you can charge layaway fee per product or the per order. You can also enable to calculate down-payments before or after the discounts.


  • Charge layaway fee
  • Charge layaway fee per product or order
  • Layaway orders section in customer account
  • Global & product specific layaway plans
  • Configure layaway deposit (fixed/percentage)
  • Select payment methods
  • Customize layaway labels

Magento 2 Coming Soon Page

Magento 2 coming soon page & maintenance mode extension basically allows you to configure 3 website modes, e.g. maintenance, coming soon and live. You can activate maintenance mode along with a countdown timer. By activating maintenance mode user will be unable to visit the site under temporary maintenance. Using Magento Coming soon page you can build anticipation among customers regarding new arrivals. In live mode you can white list users based on IP addresses to grant them access to the website.


  • Add and remove media to Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode pages
  • You can personalize Text and Labels
  • You can convert the visitors into registered users using sign up form
  • You can configure launch settings and maximize social exposure
  • Set launch date and time of new arrival

Magento 2 Canonical URL

Magento 2 Canonical URL extension helps you remove duplicate content issues from your eCommerce website with the addition of canonical Meta tags. You can add Magento canonical tags to products, categories, and CMS pages to define its relevancy with other pages. With Magento 2 canonical tags extension, you can configure the addition of canonical meta tags to a storefront, store view, or a custom URL as well. The application of canonicals to pagination and layered-navigation pages further elaborates the relationship of products and categories to the search engine.


  • Add Canonical tags to a custom or Store URL
  • Exclude Canonical Meta tag on certain pages
  • Allow Canonical tags to pagination, layered navigation pages
  • Add rel="next" and rel="prev" to catalog pagination
  • Add trailing slash for canonical Meta tag

Magento 2 Product Questions

Magento 2 extension for product questions facilitates you in creating and displaying FAQs and product questions right on the product page. An ‘ask a question’ form in enabled on every product page to allow customers to instantly ask anything and get it answered. Moreover, the extension also allows you to create a separate FAQ page.

Power features:

  • Display FAQs in accordion style.
  • Divide FAQs into topics/categories for better navigation
  • Highlight common questions with FAQ block
  • Enable FAQs rating, like/dislike feature

Media Gallery and Product Videos

Add information or promotional videos to product pages, galleries, and CMS pages to let the customers know about a page in detail. The extension also enables you to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other online video sharing websites.

Power Features:

  • Add multiple videos to products, categories, CMS pages
  • Create media gallery relating to the products
  • Add a slider to display featured videos on the homepage

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Magento 2 Product videos

Quickly add videos to product pages for a better understanding. You can make the product pages more engaging and compelling by uploading or embedding videos that explain its use, purpose, and benefits. Videos can be uploaded from a personal computer or embedded from online sources.

Power Features:

  • Add videos directly to product pages
  • Upload videos in different formats like FLV, MP4, PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Create a video gallery and assign each video to a product.

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Photo Gallery & Product Gallery

Addition of images and a complete photo gallery to a product is made easy with this extension. You can upload tutorials, user manuals and real life images about the products with a few clicks. Featuring the images in a slider can boost its exposure on the home page.

Power Features:

  • Create a comprehensive photo gallery
  • Attach a gallery to products and categories
  • Add an image slider to catch users’ attention

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Magento 2 Product Attachments

Upload informational files to product pages so that customers can download and get to know about the products. You can attach documents in different formats like PDF, PPT, .docx, images and videos. Enable the display of icons for each file type so that the customer know the kind of file they are about to download.

Power Features:

  • Add multiple files to a product or category
  • A dedicated page displays all the downloadable files
  • Multiple file formats are supported

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Category Banners

Display banner to make the best use of the free space on the category page and promoting products, deals, discounts, new arrivals, and lots of more. It is an effective and economical strategy to endorse products and deals that relate to a category.

Power Features:

  • You can display multiple banners in a slider
  • Select an appealing slider type from the extension
  • Configure banner settings to make the promotion for fruitful

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Request for Quote

With the help of Request for Quote extension, you can allow visitors to conveniently ask for a price estimate. It adds an easy to fill a form on your website that encourages customers for an instant cost inquiry before placing an order.

Power Features:

  • Hassle free process of receiving a request for quote
  • Auto-validation of fields to ensure collection of correct data
  • Enable a predefined reply for the requests

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Magento 2 Banner Slider

Add banners to effectively promote products, discounts, and offers, etc. on the home page of your store. This extension gives you the freedom to bring deals and offers into the limelight with the help of appealing banners that slides one after another.

Power Features:

  • Add custom titles to banners
  • Attractive banner slider is added
  • Sort the banners in a more appealing way

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Magento 2 Store Switcher

Empower your website to detect visitors’ location and direct them to a default store, they will be more comfortable with. The Geo IP default store extension allows you to serve visitors with a regional specific store view with the help of auto or manual store switching.

Power Features:

  • Create single or multiple regions for geo-targeting
  • Assign a store to each region (the group of countries you select)
  • Auto detection of visitors’ location

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Magento 2 Language Currency Switcher

With the help of this extension, you can switch language and currency to make the store a familiar shopping place for the visitors. It automatically recognizes the users’ location so that they can be served with their local language and currency.

Power Features:

  • Auto switching of store language and currency
  • Quick recognition of users’ location
  • IP exceptions for white listing visitors

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Magento 2 FAQ Extension

Display Frequently Asked Questions along with comprehensive and practical answers on a separate page on your store. Customers can find answers to their common problems within the FAQs to save time. It also sets you free from replying the customers every time a common query is submitted.

Power Features:

  • Creates a separate page for the FAQs
  • FAQs topics help customers to easily find an answer
  • An FAQs block to make the common problems more prominent

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CSV Based Pricing

CSV-Based pricing plugin allows merchants to easily sell products that are ordered with respect to a size a consumer need. For example, merchants who need to sell cloth, wall coverings, and floorings can easily charge their customers as they select the attributes like length, width, and height. The price increases when a higher size is ordered.

Power Features:

  • Define product pricing with CSV file import
  • Pricing is determined by two-dimensional attributes e.g. length, height or width
  • CSV pricing can be defined generally or for specific products

Restrict Catalog by Customers

Merchants who want to hide a set of products or categories from a customers group can simply install this app and customize accordingly. The plugin also allows sellers to block any product, category or a CMS Page and set redirection for those customers to serve them on the right page. Setting up proper rules can help you whitelist traffic and focus on the rest of the activities.

Power Features:

  • Easily control the display of content to specific users
  • Restriction also includes categories, CMS pages, and store views
  • Either display an error message or set redirections

GEO IP Ultimate Lock

With the help of GEO IP Ultimate Block, merchants can restrict users based on their geographical locations. By filtering the irrelevant users, the merchant scan streamlines their store traffic and start serving the people who are more likely to be interested in the products. you can also oversee live traffic and block the IP addresses from a malicious territory.

Power Features

  • Restrict users by country, IP address, and region
  • Restrict users' access to products, categories, and CMS pages
  • Real-time traffic feed allows blocking users right away
  • Display a custom message or redirect users to an alternate page

Magento 2 Size Chart

Magento 2 Size Chart extension gives you the freedom to create and customize an unlimited number of Size Charts for the catalog. You can personalize charts by specifying size chart name, setting a priority, adding and removing any size chart.Create a size chart with custom rows and columns according to the product you sell. With Magento Size Chart extension, you can create rules to automate the display of size guide for specific products. Size Chart Magento extension set you free either to display sizing guidance in a popup window or in a separate tab.


  • You can add new and multiplesize charts, specify size chart name
  • Enable or Disable the Chart, Upload Image for Size Chart
  • You can personalize font size, font color, and background color of the size chart header
  • You can control the display of Size Charts to specific Store Views
  • You can add chart data on your own to each row and column or you can also swiftly import all the data in a CSV file

Magento 2 Email Templates

Achieve mobile-responsiveness for the 41 Magento default Email Templates for better display and presentation using Magento 2 email templates. Select any of the 3 themes for beautifying transactional emails. You can choose Blue Lagoon, White and Red tux, or Orange Peak. You can provide social media links to include your business profiles in the email content for maximum exposure. In Magento email templates mobile responsive themes further improve the readability of your e mail.


  • Free lifetime support and lifetime upgrades
  • Turn the conventional email templates to mobile-responsive ones
  • Add a charm to transaction emails with the help of captivating themes
  • Maximize social media exposure by adding social links to the email content
  • The cool and eye-appeasing themes make it easier to differentiate between various email messages


Magento 2 is a dynamic platform that has no backward compatibility, which means the extensions you have installed on a previous version are not longer operational these days. We hope you will find the above plugins helpful as they are tested for a compatible and bug-free usage. If you are unable to find a desirable plugin, do not hesitate to contact us for customization or development of a new tool for your store.

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