Top Free & Premium WooCommerce Plugins for eCommerce Stores

WooCommerce has successfully emerged out as one of the most influential and powerful e-commerce web development platforms. And the reasons to love WooCommerce are many; it is free of cost, it is more secure and supports a variety of transactions, the flexibility, and ease of use is amazing, and on top everything else, the incredible customization ability is the premier reason why WooCommerce is the preferred eCommerce platform.

There are hundreds if not thousands of free and paid WooCommerce plugins available that you can integrate with your store to add a good amount of juice to your website. However, if you are a beginner with WooCommerce, choosing the right extensions that meet your business demands may appear to be a daunting task.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the best WooCommerce plugins that you must add to your store to improve its functionality and enhance the user experience.

WooCommerce Registration Plugin

Install WooCommerce Registration plugin and start customizing the sign-up form with additional fields. The plugin allows you to add a variety of input field types to know more about your potential customers. For simple statements, you can add a text field or area, whereas multi-select and dropdown options can also be added to the sign-up pages.

The conventional registration page may only require email, username, password, and date of birth. But, with WooCommerce Registration plugin, you can let them submit images and files, document their preferences, and select options of their interest. The additional fields play a vital role in knowing your customers so that they are served according to their expectations. Supported fields are text area, text box, select box, check box, multi-select box, radio button, time picker, date picker, password, color picker, numeric field and file upload. Social login such as Facebook and Twitter is free with this plugin.

WooCommerce product addon enables shop owners to customize the product page by using fields. This plugin helps to create various product options and charge the customers for choosing an option. For example, if you are selling shirt than you can offer tie with the shirt. Options can be created with the help of 9 fields such as text area, text field, upload file, dropdown, checkboxes, and multiple select boxes. With this plugin either you can create product-specific option or global options. Global options appear on all the products automatically, you can exclude the products from global option as well.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

WooCommerce price calculator plugin provides freedom e-store owners to sell any product they want. The can sell products by weight, area, and volume, so it’s easy to sell any products through this plugin. This plugin also adds the calculator to the products page which displays the total price when customers specify the quantity of products. Through this plugin, you can sell various products like rice by KG, petrol by the liter, wires by meter, land by Sqft, wallpapers by Sqft, mulch by cubic yard etc.

WooCommerce Checkout Fields Editor (Free)

WooCommerce checkout fields editor plugin that allows you to customize the checkout from by adding fields. You can add the fields in a checkout form to get extra information from your customers during the checkout process. For example, you can ask for order notes, delivery times or any billing related information from your customers.   You can make the fields mandatory or optional according to your needs.

WooCommerce CSV Import Export

WooCommerce import and export plugin allow store owners to upload and download the products, categories, orders, and customers from their e-store. This plugin is recommended if you want to switch your e-store from one platform to another. It enables the filters which are very helpful if you want to extract the specific data from your e-store.

WooCommerce PDF invoice plugin creates the invoices, packing slips, and shipping labels automatically.   This plugin is very helpful for e-store owners, now they don’t have to waste time to create the slips and invoices by hand. It also allows you to make changes in invoices if you need. You can customize the invoice to your business accordingly such as you can add the company name, logo, and address, phone no etc. Multiple templates are also available for packing slips; you can use any template after customizing it.

WooCommerce Watermark Plugin

WooCommerce image watermark plugin is recommended to all the e-store owners. Through this plugin, they can watermark their product images to avoid being theft.  This plugin enables you to watermark your product pictures with text and images.  You can change the opacity of watermark from the back office to your accordingly. This plugin also saves the time because you can apply the watermarks to specific products and categories as well. You can repeat the watermark and also change the background color overlay of product images.

WooCommerce Image Zoom

WooCommerce products image zoom is 3 in 1 plugin that allows your customers to zoom the products images. 3 image zoom options are Magnifier, Lightbox, and Image 360. With a magnifier, you can allow customers to zoom the product images in a Canvas. You can select from the various types of magnifier such as Zoom in/out, lens zoom, and mouse wheel zoom. Lightbox feature displays the product image in a lightbox, customers can also zoom the images in lightbox. You can also display product images in 360 zooms which allow customers to zoom the images in 360° and see every possible angle of product images.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

WooCommerce abandonment cart plugin is a useful plugin which helps to recover the abandoned carts. This plugin sends the email reminders to your customers automatically for completing the cart. You can offer fixed or percentage discount to encourage your customers and also offer free shipping. This plugin generates the success report of email reminders can display the report of recovered abandoned carts. It notifies you when the customer completes the abandoned cart or leaves the cart unfinished.  You can also create multiple email templates to address various users.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin allows you to offers bulk discount offers to your customers on your e-store. It allows you to set multiple rules with conditions to offers fixed or percentage discount. You can also create special offer such as buy one and get another free. This extension allows you to allow the discount on catalog and cart as well. You can also offer the discount to the specific group of customers by using this extension. You can give discount on products by quantity, weight, item quantity in cart, product quantity in cart etc. You can apply a discount on products and variations as well.

WooCommerce 360 Image Plugin

WooCommerce image 360° allows you display your product images in 360° photography. Customers can see the product images from every possible angle. It circulates the product images in 360° and customers can change the movement as well. This plugin also allows customers to zoom the product image from any angle they want to look.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

WooCommerce direct checkout plugin allows enables 3 types of options to make checkout process easier for customers. 3 featured options are one-page checkout, one-click checkout, and sticky checkout. One page or same page checkout display the checkout on same page when user click buys now button. It doesn’t matter whether customer is on product, shop or catalog page, the checkout form will appear on the same page. One-click checkout redirects customer to the checkout page by skipping the cart page when user place order. Sticky checkout displays the checkout form in a slider when user clicks the cart button, so rather than moving to separate page to display the checkout form right away in a slider.

WooCommerce Product Slider

WooCommerce slider plugin allows you to display the product slider on any page of your eCommerce website. You can create unlimited short codes for slider and place them on any product or CMS page. You can choose the specific products or category to display in a slider and also choose the position for slider. You can auto play the slider for customers and also allow customers to move the products manually.

WooCommerce Product Designer

WooCommerce product designer plugin lets your customers design the products on your e-store like t-shirts, caps, cups etc. You can enable products for designing from the back office and set the price for customization. Customers can add the text the text and images on the products and place the order. This plugin increases the customer engagement on your e-store and profit as well.

WooCommerce FAQ

WooCommerce product FAQ plugin enables the faq section on product pages, which help customers to easily find the solution regarding the products. You can add questions with answers to helps customer in understanding your product easily. They can also ask question from you and you can moderate the questions as well. It also allows customers to like or dislike the comments.

WooCommerce Business Card & Flyer Designer

WooCommerce business card & flyer designer plugin let you enable card designing on your e-store. Customers can now design the business card, wedding cards, and flyers from front and back side. You can upload the card templates and customers can design the cards and place the order. Customers can add text, images, clip art and use the various fonts to design the cards.

WooCommerce Booking & Reservation Plugin

WooCommerce booking and reservation plugin let the e-store owners sell the bookable products and services. It displays the Google calendar on product page customers can book the products for any date. You can also offer product for specific dates and times. This plugin is perfect hotel reservations, rental products, coaching classes, selling tickets, etc.

WooCommerce Quick View

WooCommerce product view plugin enables the quick view of products in a popup window. It enables the quick view button on product thumbnails on shop and catalog pages, so customers can quickly view the product description rather than visiting the product page. You can customize the quick view window by choosing the information you want to display in a popup. You can display short description, product name, image, next/forward product button, add to cart button etc. You can also choose the place for “Quick View” button.

WooCommerce Google Store Locator (Free)

WooCommerce Google store locator plugin allows you to display the store location on Google maps. Customers can easily find the nearest store location on your website and they can search the store by product and address as well. You can create the stores and attach the products so customers can see the products of your e-store. It displays the products of a store in a slider.

WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

You can use WooCommerce Ajax product filter on your e-store to allow enable product filter for your customers. Customers can filter the products by brand, price, color, size etc. to search the product of their choice. With WooCommerce Ajax product filter you can either use default filter or you can also create the custom tags as well. This plugin is useful for all types of e-stores especially for those who have the huge number of products in a catalog. It also enables product sorting option so customers can sort the products by popularity, average rating, newness, price low to high, and vice versa.

Woocommerce Related Products Plugin

You can enable widget to display related products on the product page by using WooCommerce related products plugin. With the help of this plugin you can display frequently bought together widget in a sidebar, below the header, and footer column (1-4.). You can choose the products which you want to display in the sidebar, so cross-selling and up-selling is easy. You can customize the widget such as title, description and no of products to show.

WooCommerce Brands Plugin

WooCommerce brands plugin enables brand shopping for your customers on your e-store. With this plugin, you can create the unlimited brands and customize them by adding name, description, slug, logo etc. WooCommerce brands plugin helps you to attract the community who love to buy the products of famous brands. It displays the brand thumbnails on a shop and product pages and also enables brands layered navigation. This extension also creates the separate page to display brand filter and thumbnail widgets for your customers.

WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin

WooCommerce geolocation plugin is a simple tool that allows you to block users by country or region. You can either hide entire website, specific products, categories, and CMS pages for users coming from the specified region. WooCommerce geolocation plugin also allows you to create a whitelist of user IPs whom you want to give access to your e-store products. You can display the message to blocked users or redirect them to another web page of your e-store.

WooCommerce Review Plugin

WooCommerce review plugin advances the existing review system on your e-store. This extension enables the review and rating form on all the product pages so customers can review the product they have bought from you. WooCommerce review plugin also displays the ratings and progress bar on product pages to display average star ratings. You can approve the customers’ reviews from the back office and edit them as well. It also displays the star ratings in Google snippets which help to increase the traffic as well. Registered users can vote up/down your comments and mark as a flag as well.

WooCommerce Booking Plugin

WooCommerce booking plugin lets the e-store owners allow bookings and reservation on e-stores. They can create bookable products such as hotel rooms, guest house, apartments etc. WooCommerce booking plugin enables customers to book products for specific durations and they can cancel the bookings as well. It also allows store owners to create the bookings on customer behalf’s and the merchants can see all the bookings on the calendar. They can also add the complementary and paid services which are displayed on the product page. This plugin also sends emails to customers one day before check in as a reminder.

WooCommerce Sale Flash Pro Plugin

WooCommerce sale flash pro plugin is an incredible plugin to promote the sales on your e-store. WooCommerce flash sale plugin creates a separate landing page for each flash sale. With this plugin, you can offer sales on products.You can display3 amazing designs of timers. For attracting customers, you can upload banners to display deals for specific event or season.You can create different sales with varying start and end date by using WooCommerce sale flash pro plugin. This plugin allows you to create appealing discount offers for a limited time period to make the users place their orders as soon as possible. You can display fix or percentage discount with this plugin. It also suits seasonal sales like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, etc. You can customize and display the flash sales top bar on all the pages of your website with the help of this plugin.

WooCommerce Product Bundles Plugin

WooCommerce product bundles plugin allows you to sell products in bundles. With this plugin, you can hide the products which are not available or out of stock. You can set a product optional or mandatory for your customers. This plugin is ideal for creating product packages and assembled products. WooCommerce product bundles plugin allow your customers to buy similar or different products on one click. You can also hide the product thumbnail. This plugin provides ability to set the quantity of each product which you want to sell in bundles. WooCommerce bundle plugin allows you to set the minimum and maximum quantity of products that customers can buy in a bundle. This plugin enables “List View” and “Grid View” buttons on the product page. In this plugin, you can change the title and description of bundle products that will be displayed on bundle product page.

woocommerce Booking and Appointment Plugin

WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin allows your customers to book appointments directly from your website.It is a very powerful scheduling plugin with flexible admin panel. Assign multiple staff to appointments, manage calendars for each employee, allow them to login and set their availability however they like.WooCommerce booking & appointment plugin allows customers to book appointments on a particular date and time.Approval or cancellation of booking, email notifications are sent to customers.Admin can see bookings in google calendar or in appointment sectionand also approve or reject the requests. This plugin is specialized for Doctors, Hotels, for online courses and suits for every business that requires such a system on their website.

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