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  • What type of services do you provide?

    We offer wide array of services to tailor your needs. We can develop custom solutions, install, migrate and design web store from scratch. See our services page for more details.
  • Do you offer affiliate program?

    Yes, we are in a process of introducing our affiliate plan.
  • What is the purpose of FME Addons store?

    FME Addons is a centralized place where you will find top plugins and themes for best CMS/Shopping Carts like Magento, Joomla, WordPress, and many others.
  • Why should i buy your item, what makes it distinguishing?

    Because our extensions/plugins and templates have more than required functionality already built-in. We do not split one module into multiple modules for the sake of profit. We offer full functionality at best price tag.
  • What kind of payment methods do you support?

    We support all the major credit cards, PaPal & Skrill.

Product Inquires & Refunds

  • Do your extensions support different translations?

    Yes they do.
  • How do i get my product when i purchase it?

    When you buy any plugin or theme, you will get a download link in your account. Click on it to download your software/template.
  • Which versions do the modules and templates at FME store support?

    We support all the latest versions but do not foget to check the compatibility on prduct page.
  • Do you offer documentation for your products?

    Yes, we offer extensive product details, tutorials, screenshots and articles. Visit our blog for more information.
  • I Have multiple websites, do i have to buy multiple copies of your software?

    Yes, 1 product can be installed on only 1 Magento installation.


  • Where can i find or post questions related to your products?

    Each product has an FAQ section on product page at the bottom. You can also post questions from product page easily.
  • How to report any bug?

    Login to suppot ticket page at and create a new ticket. Please remember we do not reply to email inquires.

Customized Solutions

  • How much do you charge for customization?

    We charge $35 per hour.
  • What type of support or backup do you offer for custom work?

    We provide full backup for our custom work, but for new requirements you will be charged accordingly.
  • Can you do customization to my projects, or your module?

    Yes, we have experienced developers who can customize our own module/template or your project with integrity, based on the requirements you have.

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