Audio Playerfor Woocommerce


Audio Playerfor Woocommerce


Selling entertaining and educational audio is easier than ever. The music player for WooCommerce helps you sell downloadable audio files and make money. Whether it's music, instrumental art, podcasts, lessons, instructional audio, or courses, you can sell it all.

The WooCommerce Audio Player is a remarkable tool for vocalists, music artists, instrumental brands, podcasters, voiceover artists, and educationalists to show their talent.

They can turn their website into a music marketplace. Here, customers can either stream audio or download it in multiple formats, such as MP3, MP4A, WAV, OGG, and AAC,

Also Available onWooCommerce Marketplace.


  • Transform your store into an Audio marketplace for increased revenue
  • Enhance user engagement with audio streaming
  • Customize the audio player's theme, bar, and buttons
  • Organize audio files into playlists for easy browsing
  • Easily modify file details such as name, thumbnails, and popup button text
  • Support for multiple file formats for flexibility


February 10, 2022


WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

  • *Life Time Support
  • *45 Days MoneyBack
  • *LifeTime Updates

Convenient Access to Digital Audio Files

Sell more audio files with the music player for WooCommerce to increase your revenues. You can use it to sell any kind of educational, entertainment, or business audio, including instrumental tracks, podcasts, lessons, courses, or instructional audio. 

Enhance Visibility and Sales Opportunities

The Music Player for WooCommerce helps you turn your store into a profitable marketplace. Your customers can stream or download audio for later use.  

Improved User Experience for Listening

The music player plugin has multiple exceptional features. You can enable the play and pause buttons for quick listening before downloading, which improves the listener experience. 

Organize and customize playlists Easily

You can use WooCommerce's music player to create a favorite playlist or album, which can help your group sell audio files. 

Provide Comprehensive Information to Customers

You can use the music player plugin to create files where you can mention the type and genre with the name and thumbnail. It helps your customers understand the kind of audio at a single glance. 

Tailor the Listening Experience to Preferences

The audio player plugin offers extensive customization options to showcase your music with a better look and feel. You can change the theme, button, bar, or colors of different elements in the music playlist.

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