Customer Upload Filesfor Woocommerce


Customer Upload Filesfor Woocommerce


Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce by FmeAddons facilitates seamless file uploads on the product, cart, and checkout pages, simplifying the sale of customizable products.

The WooCommerce file upload plugin reduces the communication gap with the file upload option. Admin can accept or reject uploaded files and send notifications in either case. The plugin also empowers you to restrict the file upload feature to selected products, categories, and user roles.

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Features list:

  • Enable file uploads directly on product, cart, or checkout pages.
  • Create multiple rules for easily managing file uploads.
  • Allow customers to preview or delete uploaded files.
  • Supports single or multiple file uploads for comprehensive customization.
  • Specify file types and sizes for uploads to ensure compatibility.
  • Charge customers for file uploads or offer discounts to incentivize customization.
  • Restrict file upload features based on products, categories, or user roles.
  • Admin can approve/disapprove files with email notifications for seamless communication.
  • Customize the upload file button to align with your store's branding.
  • Enable file download options for both admins and customers.
  • Add custom file extensions for broader compatibility.
  • Option to attach notes with each file upload for precise instructions.


September 8, 2020


WooCommerce version 3.2.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

  • Life Time Support
  • 45 Days MoneyBack
  • Free LifeTime Updates

Display File Upload Button on the Product Page

Display the upload file button on the product page to enable customers to easily upload files directly on the product pages with enhanced customization and engagement

Add Upload Button on Cart and Checkout Page

Enable file uploads on the cart and checkout pages for added convenience during the ordering process. This will allow customers to provide information or instructions regarding their orders. This ensures seamless communication, allowing customers to share their thoughts even if they forgot to do so on product pages.

Preview or Delete Uploaded Files

With WooCommerce File Uploads, customers can preview and delete files to ensure accuracy and satisfaction before submission.

Allow Customers to Update Files Once an Order is Placed

Customers can update uploaded files from my account section even after placing orders depending on their status whether it is pending or on hold. Facilitating flexibility and convenience for customers.

Allow Multiple File Uploads

Customers can also upload multiple files at once to better convey their customization needs and requirements with the WooCommerce product file upload plugin.

Let the Customers Attach Notes with Uploaded Files

Enable customers to attach detailed notes with each file upload for enhanced communication and order fulfillment that will minimize errors. Store managers can make notes mandatory ensuring all details are captured to enhance customer satisfaction.

Approve or Disapprove Uploaded Files

Admins can approve or reject uploaded files from the backend panel, with notifications sent to customers accordingly.

Send Email Notifications on Approval/Disapproval of Files

The customer will receive a notification when the admin accepts or rejects the uploaded file keeping the customers informed.

Set File Type and Size Restrictions

WooCommerce Upload Files Plugin allows you to set specific file types to upload only, such as Jpeg and png, as well as limit the file size to upload like KBs, MBs, or GBs.  

Restrict File Uploads on Specific Products, Categories, and User Roles

Restrict file uploads by products, categories, or user roles for enhanced security and control. Choose the type of restriction and particular store products or categories where the upload file button will be displayed.

Charge Customers for Uploading Files & Offer Discounts

Using the WooCommerce Upload Files Plugin, You can charge for each file upload and offer discounts to boost store revenues and incentivize customization. Store owners can also utilize it as a product add-on, enabling customers to pay for any customization they request.

Add Custom File Extensions

The admin has the capability to include custom file extensions not currently supported by the WooCommerce upload files plugin. Multiple file extensions can be added, separated by commas.

Attach Feedback Notes

Store admins can attach feedback notes to accepted or rejected files. This simplifies the communication process and streamlines file review within your WooCommerce store.

Crop Images before Uploading

Customers can easily adjust their images by cropping them, facilitating the upload of files with only the necessary information. This improves communication and eliminates confusion.

Show File Upload Progress Bar for Large Files

Customers can monitor the upload progress of large files through the file upload progress bar. This feature enables users to visualize the upload progress for various file types, ensuring a smooth user experience.

File Upload Counter in the Orders Section

The WooCommerce Upload File plugin displays the number of files uploaded by a customer against each order. It is conveniently located in the orders section alongside the customer's name.

Admin can Check Uploaded Files

Admins can view files and notes uploaded by customers to fulfill their orders. By clicking on a specific order, admins can analyze customer requirements effectively.

Upload Multiple Files in a Pop-Up

Enable users to upload multiple files using a pop-up window by displaying a single file upload button. Upon clicking the upload button, a pop-up will appear with multiple file upload options. This streamlined approach allows for a single file upload button while still accommodating multiple file uploads. Admins can also include a checkbox to obtain user permission for further marketing purposes.

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