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Help your potential customers to communicate their requirements better with the WooCommerce upload file. The WooCommerce upload files plugin helps you allow file upload to product, cart, and checkout pages. You can view, and approve or disapprove their file submissions. Display the file upload button on select products, categories, and particular user roles. Control file uploads by size and format.

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Features list:

  • Allow customers to upload files
  • Accept files on the product, cart, and/ or checkout pages
  • Manage multiple file upload options with rules
  • Enable customers to add a note while uploading files
  • Customers to delete or preview files before upload
  • Customers can upload single or multiple files
  • Restrict file uploads by file size and type
  • Charge customers for the files they upload
  • Apply rules to specific products, and user roles
  • Admin can accept or reject customers’ files
  • Notify customers on file acceptance or rejection
  • Modify the file upload button by text, color, etc.

September 8, 2020

WooCommerce version 3.2.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

    Encourage customers to share files 

    Make use of the customer upload files for WooCommerce to add a file upload button to product pages to encourage customers to share an image or idea about the product they need or expect. Customers are overwhelmed to share a specific design, color, size, style, or customization they want your store to provide.  

    Allow File Uploads on Cart, Checkout 

    Enable the 'File Upload' buttons on Cart and Checkout pages that further remind the customers to share ideas or instructions about their orders. They can easily communicate their mind even if they forgot to do so on product pages.  

    Take Notes from Potential Customers 

    WooCommerce product file upload facilitates customers to accompany a note with their files to describe what is shown or portrayed. Mark the notes mandatory if it is significant to the file uploads.  

    File Upload Preview 

    Customers can preview files as they upload to make sure they are sharing the right information or instructions with the store. They can delete it if irrelevant or vague.  

    Permit Single or Multiple Uploads

    You can control the number of files customers upload by keeping it to single or multiple uploads. Choose a strategy according to your store preferences.  

    Approve or Disapprove File Uploads

    Being an admin, you get the command to approve or disapprove the file your potential customers upload with their orders. Refuse files that are neither clear nor communicate the purpose.  

    Enable Email Notifications 

    Let your potential customers know in emails that their file submissions are accepted or rejected. Timely notifications can make them provide additional information to convey a clear picture of their requirements.  

    Restrict uploads by file type and size

    To retain consistency in reviewing files, you can restrict them to a specific type such as JPEG, PNG, etc., and to prevent users from uploading bulky files, you can set file size limitations on uploads.  

    Apply Rules to Specific Products & Categories  

    To accept files from customers on specific catalog items, you can include specific products and categories in the rules. With multiple rules, you will be able to manage file upload permissions of a varying set of products.  

    Allow Specific Users 

    Confine the upload files facility to a specific community of your store by selecting their user roles. Let only selected users reach out with their specific product requirements.  

    Charge Customers or Offer Discounts 

    You can add a price for the file uploads or offer discounts on them. Set a price to handle the file upload option as a revenue-generating option or offer a discount to increase conversions and achieve customer satisfaction.  

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