Magento to WooCommerce Migrationfor Woocommerce


Magento to WooCommerce Migrationfor Woocommerce


Magento to WooCommerce by FME Addons allows you to import all or specific data like products, orders, and customers from your Magento store.

Magento to WooCommerce allows you to migrate whole or specific data to WooCommerce. Take full control of your online store migration and say goodbye to costly migration services.

Our Magento to WooCommerce plugin ensures a smooth transition, keeping your store fully operational throughout the migration. The Magento to WooCommerce Migration plugin by FME Addons offers an automatic and secure way to migrate your Magento store to WooCommerce, eliminating any risk of data loss.

Key Features:

  • Transfer three types of data from Magento to WooCommerce
    • Orders
    • Products
    • Customers
  • Migrate products, customers, and orders using various filters
  • Import all data at once or selective data
  • Keep track of import progress with a progress bar
  • Life Time Support
  • 45 Days MoneyBack
  • Free LifeTime Updates

Magento to WooCommerce Migration Using API:

Ensure a secure and risk-free migration process using our Magento to WooCommerce Migration plugin. Simply input the URL and API key of your Magento store, and securely transfer your data

Import All or Specific Products

Import products from Magento to WooCommerce using our plugin. Choose to transfer all products or specific ones based on filters like title, manufacturer, product ID, category, publishing date, and product status. Tailor your import process to meet your store's needs seamlessly.

Import All or Specific Customer Data

Easily migrate all or specific customer data from Magento to WooCommerce Select filters such as specified date, customer ID, group ID, first and last name, and email address to transfer customer data with our Magento to WooCommerce Plugin.

Migrate All or Specific Order Data

Our Magento to WooCommerce Migration plugin makes it easy to import all or specific order data. Use various filters such as order ID, creation date, and order status ID to customize your migration. Plus, you can update existing order data as needed.

Additionally, you have the option to change the Magento order status during the migration to WooCommerce.


Migrate Data in Bulk

Choose to import all store data or select specific data types such as products, orders, or customers that allows you to import only the necessary data.

Monitor Data Migration with the Progress Bar

Stay informed about your migration progress with the Magento to WooCommerce Migration plugin's progress bar. Track the status of individual data types like orders, customers, or products. As well as the overall data migration process, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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