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Product Enquiry Formfor Woocommerce


The WooCommerce Product Enquiry form allows your store visitors into loyal customers with a product inquiry form button. You can use the plugin to hide the prices & replace them with the enquiry form button.

You can show the product inquiry form button on any product, category, or page. Customers can reach out to the store owners to ask questions about the products via email, SMS, or Whatsapp.


January 1, 1970


WooCommerce version 2.6.0 or higher | Wordpress version 4.6 or higher

  • *Life Time Support
  • *45 Days MoneyBack
  • *LifeTime Updates

Plugin Features List

Place Enquiry Buttons

Place inquiry buttons on products, categories, or all pages

Contact Options 

Offer various contact options like email, SMS, WhatsApp, or on-page form

Customize Buttons and Forms 

Customize buttons and forms to choose styles, colors, and text

Popup Forms

Use popup forms for quick queries and engagement

Manage Multiple WhatsApp

Manage multiple WhatsApp numbers for efficient communication

Handle all Enquiries 

Handle all inquiries from one dashboard within WooCommerce

Show Enquiry Buttons on Various Pages

The WooCommerce Product Enquiry form plugin allows you to show an enquiry button on different pages of the website. You can hide the price and add-to-cart button and replace it with an enquiry button. You can add the enquiry button on the Shop Page, Product Page & Cart Page.

Provide Multiple Enquiry Channels Like WhatsApp, Email & SMS

The WooCommerce product enquiry button allows your customer to ask questions on three different channels. It includes email, SMS, & Whatsapp which will offer more flexibility and choices for your customers. 

Product enquiry through WhatsApp

Enhance customer responsiveness by enabling WhatsApp enquiries with the Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin. Integrate multiple WhatsApp numbers to seamlessly handle a higher volume of customer enquiries and elevate the overall user experience.

Product enquiry through SMS

Display the SMS enquiry button on the front end and add multiple numbers for enquiries.

Product Enquire through email

You can configure recipient email addresses from the backend and send a copy of emails to customers.

Show the Enquiry Form in a pop-up

Customers can stay on the same page and submit questions or quote requests easily by filling out a pop-up enquiry form with enquiry options including email, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Extensive Customization Options

You can select the enquiry button style as a button or text and change the enquiry button’s text. You can also set the background, hover, text, and text hover colors. It allows you to personlize the experience. 

Add & Edit the Fields

You can easily personalize the enquiry form by using the WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form extension. This allows you to add, edit, and rearrange fields as needed.

Enable Enquiry Button for Specific Product Variants

Enable the enquiry button exclusively for specific product variations. This feature allows you to target products based on your marketing strategies, thereby boosting engagement rates.

Additionally, it facilitates the enhancement of sales for less performing products by addressing customer inquiries effectively.


Enable Cart Enquiries for Customers

Enable an enquiry button on the cart page, allow customers to submit queries regarding their entire cart. 

Upon submission, the admin receives the enquiry along with product details presented as clickable links that will be opened in a new tab.


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