Best WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Plugins

December 15, 2023,
Best WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Plugins
Selling items online poses a considerable challenge. Frequently, individuals abandon products in their virtual carts due to insufficient information about a particular item. This is where plugins like the WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form become crucial, enabling customers to submit inquiries about products to receive clarifications for any uncertainties they may have. However, the WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form, despite being a premium plugin, is relatively basic in its functionality. Consequently, many website owners seek alternative solutions that offer better support, more advanced features, and enhanced user-friendliness. In this article, I will present nine alternatives to the Product Enquiry Form plugin, providing options that deliver similar or superior functionalities to elevate your website's performance.

WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form Plugin by FmeAddons

The WooCommerce product enquiry plugin integrates an inquiry button into your product pages. By utilizing this feature, prospective customers have the opportunity to submit questions or solicit a price quote for a product they are contemplating purchasing. Consequently, this enhances the conversion rate by gathering a higher volume of online inquiries and effectively converting them into successful leads. This robust plugin empowers you to receive product inquiries through various channels, including a pop-up form, email, WhatsApp, or SMS.

Plugin Features

  • Add an enquiry button to products
  • Receive enquiries through form, WhatsApp, SMS, and Email
  • Hide the product price and the “Add to Cart” button
  • Show the enquiry button on all or specific pages
  • Customize the product enquiry form
  • Extensive customization options for the enquiry buttons
  • Admin can view, manage, and reply to Enquiries

WISDM Product Enquiry Pro

Created by WisdmLabs, the WISDM Product Inquiry Pro stands out as a widely used plugin that enables the gathering of customer inquiries through diverse methods. This plugin is configurable to capture both quote requests and general inquiries from potential buyers. Notably, it is recognized for its comprehensive documentation, making it one of the most extensively explained plugins in the market for this specific purpose.

Plugin Features

  • Create customized forms with an in-built form builder depending on the nature of the product being sold
  • Add your logo to responses sent through email Compatibility with multilingual plugins so you can accept quotations in any language
  • Easily add the Inquiry button through the Page Builder plugin of your choice
  • Create a quotation and send it in response to an inquiry directly from the WordPress backend.

WooCommerce Product Enquiry by Elite Author

This plugin is uncomplicated, introducing a distinct product inquiry form for each item. Its setup is straightforward, and it additionally notifies customers upon the receipt of their inquiries. In summary, this plugin is ideal if you seek simplicity paired with effective features.

Plugin Features

  • Form fields are auto-populated if the user is logged in
  • Create separate email addresses to receive inquiries related to every product
  • The administrator receives email notification whenever an inquiry is sent
  • Stores inquiries in a custom post type so you can retrieve them easily in your WordPress backend

Product Enquiry Form plugin for WooCommerce by WPSpring

Once more, a relatively uncomplicated plugin that facilitates customers in posing queries about your products via an Inquiry form directly on your product page. Furthermore, the form is safeguarded with reCAPTCHA to thwart spam, ensuring that only authentic leads are captured.

Plugin Features

  • Disable the plugin on products about which you don’t want to receive any inquiry
  • Captcha-enabled plugin, so you don’t end up with hundreds of bot-generated inquiries
  • Sends responses directly to vendors or sellers of the product, if your store is based on a marketplace model
  • Tabbed view for neat integration with any type of product page design

WooCommerce Product Enquiry Professional by IgniteWoo

Created by IgniteWoo, this plugin streamlines the process for customers to submit inquiries using a conveniently accessible Inquiry form. It empowers customers to directly send questions from the product page, eliminating the need to navigate to a separate contact page to locate contact details. This efficient approach saves considerable time and effort for your customers.

Plugin Features

  • Two different views – hide your inquiry form behind a button or a tab
  • Create multiple inquiry forms, and completely customize each of them by adding or deleting fields as per your requirements
  • Set condition rules that hide or show certain form fields based on the inputs given by the user
  • Captcha powered by Google’s reCaptcha tool

WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry Pro by WcMp

Developed by WooCommerce Marketplace, also known as WcMp, the WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry Pro plugin stands out as one of the most refined product inquiry plugins available. This plugin enables customers to submit numerous product inquiries using an Enquiry cart. Alongside its sophisticated and professional design, it offers the flexibility to personalize the Inquiry form according to your specific requirements.

Plugin Features

  • Inquiry cart system so you can inquire about multiple products at once
  • Professional on-site messaging system so your customers can receive responses to their inquiries directly on the site page in addition to their email
  • Create custom email templates for sending to customers
  • Create your own exclude list of users whom you don’t want to display the Inquiry form

Final Thoughts: Which plugin to use?

And that concludes our compilation of the top alternatives to the Product Enquiry Form! After exploring these plugins, you might be pondering which one is the best fit for your site. While the choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements, we would like to recommend three plugins that stand out in our opinion:
  1. WooCommerce Product Inquiry from FME Add-Ons
  2. WISDM Product Enquiry Pro by WisdmLabs
  3. WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry Pro by WcMp
We endorse these plugins not only for their refined front-end and back-end interfaces but also for the array of advanced features they offer, distinguishing them from other plugins. Their regular updates ensure reliability and keep them in sync with the latest features you may require. Nevertheless, feel free to opt for any other plugin that aligns with your preferences. Every plugin on this list has been carefully chosen after thorough consideration and is deemed excellent for various purposes.