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Magento out of stock notification extension is a very useful tool to have for the store owners. It allows them to get their customers engaged with their business by encouraging them to subscribe for the out of stock products. Once the product(s) is available, an automatic stock notification email is sent to the customers to get them interested for purchase. The notification is mainly sent for the simple, configurable and grouped products which are eagerly awaited by the customers.

  • Enables your customers with product subscription.
  • Send advanced notifications to subscribed customers only.
  • Great tool to reduce cart abandonment due to out of stock products.
  • Fully customizable alerts.

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Created 17 Mar 2014
Compatible 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

Magento out of stock notifications extension is an advanced inventory alert tool for the store owners that enable them with an authority to send inventory alerts to the desired subscribers.

This tool allows you connect with the specific customers interactively and update them about product(s) availability. The customers can subscribe to the out of stock products and when these products are available for sale, stock alert is then sent via email regarding their availability. These notifications are set only for simple, configurable or grouped products.

Magento product subscription feature of this extension allows subscription to both signed in and guest visitors. The email notification will be sent automatically as the out of stock product comes in stock. On the basis of product subscriptions, the store owner can decide which products are to be opened for sale and which are kept out of stock. Out of Stock Notification Magento extension also helps them to keep a track of which products are getting below the threshold. Accordingly you can decide whether to keep them out of stock and encourage the customers to subscribe or to immediately refill the stock.

The store owner can also view the list of subscribers who have registered for either simple, customized or grouped products. Furthermore, they can also delete any subscription as they like from the backend.

This extension also helps the store owners to regain the customers who have left their shopping carts abandoned as the product(s) is out of stock. Attract them to subscribe for those types of products and upon their availability, an out of stock alert is sent to them once the stock is updated. Therefore, cash your customer’s interest in out of stock products and get the sales in resounding way!

Customer Insight about Subscription Products – Save Your Cost

The out of stock subscription management feature of this extension enables the store owners to specifically evaluate which product’s stock has finished and has more number of subscriptions. This further allows them to refill the stock of in-demand products and notify the subscribers about their availability at the right time. Therefore, you will be able to cut cost by taking the right stock refill decision regarding the right products that your customers have subscribed for. Thus, shifting your gear just at the right time will get you sales and win new customers!

Magento Stock Notification Logs

It allows the store owners to view the notification log containing the subscription information regarding various out of stock products. This helps them to evaluate which products their customers are eagerly awaiting. Accordingly you can immediately take decision about getting those products back in-stock.

Private Customer Grid to Manage Subscriptions

Magento out of stock extension also provides your customers a separate grid on their customer area after subscribing for their desired product(s). This grid will be visible on the dash-board. The customers can manage and view their subscriptions separately.

Key Features of Magento out of Stock Notification Extension

  • Send advanced notifications to subscribed customers only.
  • Enables your customers with product subscription.
  • Guests and Signed-in, both visitors can subscribe for the out of stock alerts.
  • Separate subscription grid for the registered users in their customer area.
  • Subscribers can view and manage their subscriptions from subscription grid.
  • Notification can only be set for simple, customized and grouped products.
  • Registered customers will receive email notification when the products are back in stock.
  • Store owners can keep a track of customer subscriptions from backend.
  • Store owners can take critical inventory decisions about out of stock products based on subscriptions.
  • Separate Grid of subscribers to view the products they have subscribed.
  • Store owners can delete / unsubscribe any subscription from the backend.
  • Stock message alert can be customized from the backend.
  • Store owners can ‘Enable’ notifications for desired simple, configurable or grouped products.

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  • "


    A great extension and Quick Support.. Sales are increasing.

  • "


    The plugin has some problems with none-admin roles. You can enable it in ROLE-view, but after saving it's disabled anyway.
    Besides that a good basis and plugin.

    Bob Montixbr
  • "

    Faced Problem subscriber list (resolved)

    It seems to be required to have "Flat catalog" enabled in Magento (since the code uses a databaqse table from flat catalog). This should be in installation guide.

    Niels Montixbr

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